Teaching @CDawgVA Japanese! / CDawgVAさんに日本語を教えてみた!

I think we both learned a lot from this.
Connor’s Channel!

Learn Japanese pitch-accent and pronunciation from my Patreon Series “Japanese Phonetics”

Dogen / Japanese / Teaching / @CDawgVA / Dōgen / CDawgVAさんに日本語を教えてみた!Voice-acting / Jo-Jo / Voice-actor

39 Replies to “Teaching @CDawgVA Japanese! / CDawgVAさんに日本語を教えてみた!”

  1. TiltedWhiteGuy

    “And if you were like really worked up you might say, な、聞いて?バナナを買いにスーパーにだんだけどトマトしかなかったんだよ” (correct me if I’m wrong please)

    Dude, you hit the nail on the head EVERY time.
    Never fails to make me laugh, keep doing what you’re doing ❤️

  2. yukki M


  3. derekPo

    This quick vid collab makes me extremely happy. I will add this comment and give you a like to stimulate the algorithm.

  4. Michelle Thong

    Oh I knew this would be good the second I saw it was you too. Loved this! And I agree with others – we need Dogen on the Trash Taste Podcast!!!

  5. 魚炭



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