Leaving Japan to Australia – Ep.24

Leaving Japan to Australia after a Honda factory tour in Kumamoto


A rough night after camping out during a category 4 typhoon on Kyushu island in Japan where I go visit the Honda Kumamoto factory with no real plan. Soon I’ll have to leave the country so while riding through the smallest and most splendid of the main islands, Shikoku, I begin contacting shippers to ship the motorcycle to Australia. Passing through Kobe, Nara, Tokyo and Yokohama and meeting great and helpful people along the way.

Enjoy this short motorcycle travel documentary in Japan put together with the video footage that I recorded back in 2014. When I wasn’t recording for youtube yet on a potato.




Undisputed low budget Rode killer mic –
No more wwwraagshhhswraghhshsgsshhhhhhh –
Indestructible oldskool GoPro that keeps on giving –
How do I travel with all this data –
How do I not cry when I drop all this data –

31 Replies to “Leaving Japan to Australia – Ep.24”

  1. Pedro Mota

    ATTENTION OH CONFUSED ONES – Due to lack of footage a new episode in the O.G. series, back to when this around the world ride began in 2014 and when I was but a wee little motorcycle lad not even able yet to touch the ground with the tip of my toes. I know there's people out there who really like this series but these episodes don't tend to go down well for the channel as a whole because they pop up randomly and people panic and stop watching, to which YT concludes "Hey your channel sucks so we're gonna stop showing your future videos to your subs". Ayoooo thx YT! So no stress, don't cry to the heavens because there ain't no off-road shenanigans, don't click away and give this throwback a chance. Cheers peoples, hope all is good out there.

  2. Ed Miranda

    Been to Kumamoto about 5 times….. Love that part of Japan. Mt ASO smells lol… I'm Jelly of your journey! You and your video's are the main reason I do adventure riding! Thanks for what you do! Pedro!

  3. Peter Telford

    Gidday from Australia .
    I hope you have a spare $8,000 dollars Australian because that's how much it will cost you to stay in the covid hotel for 2 weeks before you can even ride around Australia let alone pay to store your bike that you can't ride because you will be locked down for 2 weeks .
    Seriously do your homework first mate .

  4. rainer gaier

    Very cool to get a look into Japan and some of the islands. Didn't even know they drove on the left. We can learn a lot from them – they have a touch of class. Also loved the mountains and the twisties. Thanks Pedro.

  5. Zieeelak

    I can't understand why this has so few views. Such material deserves many likes and subs, so that it gets more popular. Please give them to Pedro!

  6. Victor Kelley

    Alright, it's happening. I'm saying it now. I AM GOING TO JAPAN (before I leave this world). HOLY SHIT! What an incredible country. Loved the throwback, I love it.

  7. Terry Lawrence

    started watching a few months ago. Love your channel. The Aussie accent you slip into so easily fascinates me. The country must have made a real impression on you. Looking forward to any videos you have on your time there.

  8. Nick Bennett

    That's a blast from the past Pedro mate. I read your description and I'm supprised people don't like this stuff. This is also part of RTW travel, it's not all off road.
    Keep doing what works for the channel mate and if you throw the odd curve ball in like this one, it'll just make me smile that bit more 😊

  9. Diego Barros

    I love your videos Pedro, watching your Bolivian adventure taught me that there is always a way and applied it to my trail riding that one time where there was nowhere else to go but to look for a off road ramp or build one to keep going and it worked out fine!!!! IN MY HEAD I WAS SAYING YEEEEES THANK YOU PEDRO!!

  10. Mateo Lanús Urrets

    Hi Pedro! i share your passion. Now im married and seeking a Honda NX 350 Sahara 1993 for having a trip with my girl. I love your videos. The content is absolutly great, but I think they are a "little bit too long" for this platform. Maybe an off voice could help the narrative. I will continue seeing your tremendous channel. Good winds!

  11. pitto

    Mate just write a book about your first journey around the globe. Add pictures make it a memoir. I will buy it for sure.

  12. Sergio Dantier

    Europe to Japan.. what an awesome trip!that raw riding, just amazing bro! Congrats!!
    Ainda estás por Lisboa? Beber umas minis e ter dois dedos de conversa

  13. The Lone Wolf

    Must be incredible to start and cross Europe then asian up to Vladivostok then cross to japan and then Australia and NZ! 🙂 The Honda Factory in Japan must have been great to visit 🙂 How hard do you find to ride on the left? 😛 Cheers mate! Nice Episode! 🙂

  14. Rafał G

    You seem to be a little bit down (or relaxed af) in that period of time (compared to today's). Was there a reason? Low budget, having to go to work? Or just sentimental about crossing whole continent? But anyways that's the kind of video that gives goosebumps

  15. Joe Doe

    A very weird situation Pedro. Your videos are very entertaining and also educational…yet your subscribers are a little over 50k. I have seen other vloggers reach 150…200k subscribers in less than two years however the quality content of their vids have declined reaching in some cases a vacuous state so I've unsubscribed. I guess it reflects like anything else in life that "garbage" is more appealing than quality. Great video man! Love it!

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