Japan Travel | Shimabara Castle

Shimabara Castle is a flatland castle (平城, Hirajiro), located between Ariake Bay and Mount Unzen. The outer moats, some 15 meters deep and between 30–50 meters wide, extended 360 meters east-west and 1260 meters north-south, with the enclosed area divided into three baileys. The walls extended for 3900 meters and had 16 yagura of various sizes at key points. The main donjonhad five stories, and a height of 33 meters, and was connected to two secondary keeps, each with three stories.

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  1. Mommy’s Garden

    Hello friend I’m here again watching your video in full. Awesome view from the top of that temple! See you when you’re free, thanks!

  2. Mommy’s Garden

    Hello friend I’m here watching your travel video in full. Awesome view from the top of a building (temple). See you when you’re free, thanks!

  3. Paddy Stubbs

    Looks like a really interesting visit and the additional information in the text was helpful. Thanks for sharing.👌👍😎

  4. East Media with BG

    I love seeing castles and to imagine what could of went on in them. Great video and content. Such a beautiful Castle and artifacts ! Thanks for sharing and keep blogging these wonderful videos. Thanks

  5. Three Minutes of History

    What a great upload ~ you had lots of fun visiting Shimabara Castle with your friends! THANK YOU for taking me on the tour with you ~ TWO THUMBS UP. I enjoyed watching my YT friend!

  6. Phil Saudi Family

    Hello Ms. gorgeous! Wow ang ganda sa loob ng castle. Daming magagandang gamit nung Stone Age 😃 Have fun and enjoy the moment in Japan 🥰

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  8. Assasin Bit Music

    Outstanding video! I am glad I came across your channel! I've never seen someone create such magnificent work! Very impressive! I can't wait to

    see what's next.👍👍

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    Very beautiful and very wonderful, did my dear friend good luck and lasting success and the friendliness between us lasts

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