TOP 10 tips you MUST KNOW before MOVING TO JAPAN| ALT in Japan

If you plan to live to Japan in a couple months or a couple years! You have to watch this video first!

Hey homiiieesssss!

Welcome or welcome back to our little corner of the internet! Today’s video is dedicated to talking about some tips for moving to Japan! I wanted this to be short and sweet so you could get the information without the fluff but who was I kidding? I am the fluff 🤣🤣…

Anywayyy…. Happy Thursday babies! It’s almost Friday which means we’re almost on the weekend! Aaahhhhh I’m so happy! I seriously need several naps so the weekend is starting to feel like a treat! Does this mean I’m getting old? Lol ok rant over! Xoxo

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Hi there!

Welcome to my little space on Youtube! I’m so happy you found me and decided to read all the way to down here! since I have your attention let me introduce myself!

My name is Tomi-ane I am a 23 year old Jamaican baddie living and teaching English out here in Japan! I am a Capricorn since we say that now lol. Also, over here I like to tell you stories of my crazy life, take you along on my solo travel/ regular peoplely travel adventures and share tips and tricks about life in Japan, teaching English in Japan and getting from your country to Japan!

I hope you stay for a while!

xoxo my loves!

#moving abroad

26 Replies to “TOP 10 tips you MUST KNOW before MOVING TO JAPAN| ALT in Japan”

  1. Tan Kai Feng

    I love your energy! Thank you for the positive input after I went thru so many negative videos about teaching as an ALT 🤣

  2. ANKIT ax

    thanks for this information video iam your subscriber iam from Kolkata India I love Japan ❤🇮🇳🇯🇵indo Japan ❤🇮🇳🇯🇵

  3. maddie provost

    hi Tomi I was just wondering if there is like a time limit on how long you can stay in the teaching position cuz I often hear about people only staying for a couple years?

  4. Dani Mills

    Loll yoooo my name's Danielle & I'm hoping to come to Japan later this year on JET (fingers crossed), so when you said 'You must be prepared to be uncomfortable Daniel-san' my eyes opened so wide and & I stopped mid-chew :'')

  5. Lucretia Ruple

    I love the video! Everything that you mentioned made sense and is what I heard before the only thing that was surprising to me was that the Japanese teacher could critique your work. I was thinking about being an ALT teacher and it seems that it is all good and inspiring but I never thought that the Japanese teacher could limit what you can teach. Can you address this more?

  6. Crystal Arscott

    Hi, tomi thank you for your tips I appreciate them 😊 I'm planning to apply for the JET Program this year☺

  7. Bia Galvão

    Great advice. Actually I’m already living in Japan and found your channel from another video. Buuut I just had a interview for a English teacher position, and it didn’t go well. Just by watching you I felt better, thank you a lot 🥲💖

  8. Mo

    Great Video! I plan to study abroad in Japan as a Exchange Student from my university, possibly for 1- 2 years! After I study abroad, if I enjoyed my time in Japan ill consider Teaching English there for a few years. My main goal is to Learn the language, explore Japan and the culture but that's not happening for anther 2.5 years.

  9. Jayevryday

    Heeyyyy birthday twin Tomi!!!!!!!!! I love the vid
    Tbh idk how to ride a bicycle 😂😂 too fraid
    Toni flexing with the Japanese yasss girl a mood honestly
    I hope u are there when I come 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗💗💗

  10. johnmongver

    One of your avid subscribers here! Unfortunately, I was not able to pass the first screening of JET. But, as a person who have studied abroad twice, I agree with everything you said!

    I really like your personality and I hope we can be friends or something 😭 Keep up the good work and good luck in your life in Japan!

  11. Wayne Hyatt

    Yes…..seems like you are so right… to watch all of the video at long last…..good video. A lot of information that will truly help.

  12. Kamaaleo Burnett

    About to start my second year. Your vlog was one of the many that I watched prior, so I endorse all that you've said here! I'd just advise most people coming to learn to creatively entertain themselves if they're in a rural placement – and most of Japan is country lol! 頑張ってください!

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