Nara, Japan – 21:9 Ultrawide 4K HDR – Deer in Nara Park – Cinematic Short

Full length 4K HDR Virtual Walk

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33 Replies to “Nara, Japan – 21:9 Ultrawide 4K HDR – Deer in Nara Park – Cinematic Short”

  1. Anthony Alberts

    My wife and I went here a couple years ago. Such an amazing experience! I left a note on the prayer/wishing tree for my deceased father as well. He lived there for two years in the marines and it was always my dream to visit Japan so I just told him I finally made it and I loved him. One of the most special moments of my life. Nara is awesome.

    Love your videos btw they are enjoyable to watch. Next best thing to actually going there in person.

  2. James Roberts

    Nara was one of my favorite places in Japan. It had a very peaceful and tranquil feeling to it. The deer were cute but also kind of spoiled 😄 they're used to tourists feeding them.

  3. IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】

    I hope shika-san are not hungry, because before the pandemic, many tourists gave them senbei. Now, there are little tourists for obvious reasons…

  4. Ambient Walking

    I love traveling with you. It opens my mind and my soul to everything in the world. Thank you for this experience!

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