5 Simple Tips to Know Before You Come to Japan

How y’all doin? Back with some Tips today.

Definitely gonna be making more tip videos in the future these were just some things I noticed I never thought of out loud but always caused me some troubles in Japan so I just wanted to share!

Hope you learned something from at least one tip. Be sure to comment some of your own so I can include them in the next one!


0:00 – 0:42 Intro
0:43 – 2:17 Tip #1
2:18 – 3:06 Tip #2
3:07 – 4:41 Tip #3
4:42 – 6:08 Tip #4
6:09 – 7:50 Tip #5
7:51 – 10:36 Closing Thoughts

Thanks for watching love y’all.

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