10 Replies to “Prelude to War”

  1. Christian Kulturals_Fehler

    I have now understood these american Propaganda Film is only a talking to themselves. Shame on you.

  2. c. j. macq

    if anyone doesn't see the correlation between the events in this film with what's happening today they are truly blind and in a state of SERIOUS denial. in the U.S. the congress is dictated to by 2 people; the majority leaders of each chamber who possess the power to crush any legislation by simply denying it a vote. the congress has surrendered much of its constitutional power to the president who, through war powers, treaty powers, tariff powers, emergency powers and executive orders, has been given unprecedented power to arbitrarily make domestic and foreign policy. the "citizens united" decision has legalized bribery and graft, the patriot act has legalized govt and corporate surveillance, spying, torture and suspended habeas corpus. the U.S. has 100's of military bases throughout the world, is in a constant state of war and military spending is at historically high levels and is automatically increased every year. the mainstream media has become mere mouthpieces in support of our corporate, fascist state. through U.S. efforts and the corruption and falsification of the "democratic" process fascist govts have been placed into power throughout the world; in Russia, Poland, Germany, Brazil, China, France, Egypt, the U.K. and the U.S. to name just a few. WE DAMNED WELL BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP AND REALIZED THE FIGHT AGAINST FASCISM IS NOT OVER! and human freedom is losing this fight!

  3. scaryazz

    I remember finding this in 3rd grade inand it just struck a cord with me that this actually happened within the last 70 years been a history nut ever since

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