Beginners Travel Tips For Japan

This video covers extensive information that will help those that are going to Japan for the first time or for any beginner traveling to Japan. Many of these tips are based from my own travel experiences. Get your note pad and get comfortable.

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Access to/from the airports in Tokyo:

*domestic terminal

Narita International Airport, Tokyo

*central Tokyo access

consider getting a N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket
in the JR EAST Travel Service Centers and from JR Ticket
Offices at Terminal 1 or 2.This ticket allows you to transfer to
any other JR stations within Tokyo once.

Narita Express Trains:

fastest access is the Narita Express Train (N’EX)
approx. 60 min. to Tokyo Station and 41 min. to Ueno Station.
Trains depart approx. every half hour.

Passports information .

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  1. Ramses Silent

    Awesome guide cant wait for the meet up so we can talk face to face have so many questions 🙂 thanks for the share and ill see you in the next.

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