Japanese guy reacts to “What my trip to Japan was like” by Jaiden Animations

Japanese guy reacts to “What my trip to Japan was like” by Jaiden Animations


I hope you guys enjoy this video 😎

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22 Replies to “Japanese guy reacts to “What my trip to Japan was like” by Jaiden Animations”

  1. Kameliius ツ

    I'm still gonna buy and drink alcohol when I visit Japan although I'm not even 20 years. I'm so used to drinking alcohol for like the past 4, 5 years because the drinking age in my country is like literally 14. Also, you used to be able to smoke at age 16 up until 2019 so I'm also not gonna give up smoking

  2. Ciel

    As someone, who's work involved going to both Haneda and Narita airport at least 3 times a month and using the wifi there, I can tell you the wifi is not that good and especially if you have just arrived, it can be reaaaaally hard to understand how to operate it – like seriously it takes me 10 minutes each time and i know Japanese and all the steps. And also free wifi in Japan only kinda became a thing in recent years – like in 2014 there was like no wifi anywhere unless you were in a hotel

  3. Erwin Ralph

    If I'm there I'll chain my japanese friend to me so i don't get lost 😂😂😂 we meet on a online game and become friends.

  4. Joshua XP Zedaemu

    do you live in japan or USA, and if in japan could you please tell me hoe to submit a manga to weekly shonen magazine( not shonen jump) or who to contact there

  5. Elizabeth Rojas Gonzales

    Of God, you are so cute while laugh. Can you make a reaction to Japanese covers of songs in English? for example, Say so in Japanese

  6. AngelScribs

    i swear shinjuku station frustrated me so much and i didnt want to look like an idiot while exiting 2-3 times on the same spot .. and my orientation isnt that bad XD after 2 weeks of vacation i got the hang of it but i bet that ill get lost again as soon as i go back there xD

  7. 秋山駿


    I went to kiyomizutera once and i got helped by 5 americans. i couldn't understand how to drink so they were really kind!

  8. Steffen Schmidt

    I got lost in Shinjuku Station twice in the same manner xD Luckily, the second time, I was kinda expecting it xD
    Shinjuku station is the end boss in Japan xD

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