travel vlog: south korea, japan, macau (2019)

disclaimer: all the footage in this video was taken BEFORE the covid-19 pandemic. please respect public health guidelines in your region and wear a mask whenever you go out! my heart goes out to everyone struggling during these difficult times, and i hope that you all stay as safe, healthy and happy as possible 🙂

hi, and welcome to my channel! in this travel vlog, i’m taking you on a trip down memory lane to simpler times. in the summer of 2019, i visited my family in seoul, south korea, and also took a quick trip to tokyo, japan and macau. i got kind of emotional looking back at all this footage, and i hope that this video can bring a little spark of joy and wonder to your day. also, when i filmed everything back in 2019, i never expected myself to actually ever post any of it on the internet, so the quality of the videos are the best… i still don’t know how to vlog properly lol.

thank you so much for watching, i hope you have the loveliest day 💗 (and maybe you’ll even leave a like and subscribe?🥺)
~ seaha

❥ faq
name: seaha
age: 18 (2003)
ethnicity: korean
location: ontario, canada
born in: seoul, korea

instagram: @sea.ppang

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5 Replies to “travel vlog: south korea, japan, macau (2019)”

  1. Anjum Rahman

    ahh this makes me so reminiscent of my trip to seoul back in 2018!! i also went w my family and we had the best time!! cant wait to go back after the pandemic

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