10 BEST TIPS to become the BEST ALT in Japan | First Day Tips for Filipino ALTs (Tagalog)

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Being capable to teach English alone is not a guarantee to make you the ALT every Japanese school is looking forward to have. There are UNWRITTEN RULES that you will have to be aware of so you could easily win your schools on your first day.
And, you’re lucky because I’ll reveal these unwritten rules through my 10 Tips in this video.
Sure ako na magugustuhan ka nila, pagu-usapan ka nila at magiging BEST ALT ka dito sa Japan kapag sa first day pa lang nakita na nila sayo ang mga qualities na `to. Wing your first day as an ALT here in Japan by following my humble list of 10 Tips. 😀

Hi! I`m Darry and I`m an English Teacher here in Japan.
I am sharing videos about my life and work as an ALT, please check them out through this link

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Making videos and sharing them all have been my most recent hobby.
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19 Replies to “10 BEST TIPS to become the BEST ALT in Japan | First Day Tips for Filipino ALTs (Tagalog)”

  1. Kathleen Joy Montenegro

    Hello Sir! Thank you for always giving an informative content. I am an applicant for Spring 2022, and I have some questions po. Where can I reach you? Thank you.

  2. Shanen Mae Abenion

    Very helpful. I also applied sa Chesham because I saw one of your videos before 😃 Luckily, I passed and hopefully matuloy alis namin next year. Thanks for the tips! ❤️ please keep on uploading vids!

  3. Kien Owen Pamosena

    I love watching your ALT videos, Sir Darry! Hope you'll never get tired creating ALT-related contents. Aspiring Chesham-Interac ALT here 🙂

  4. Fernando Dosalen

    Solid tips para sa mga aspiring ALT's bro. Hindi lang sa Teaching Field kundi pati na din sa ibang field of work. Arigato Sensei

  5. Zach in Japan

    Is the ALT salary good for Filipino people? The person I replaced at my first job in Japan was from the Philippines and I heard from my coworkers that he thought the salary was amazing and never wanted to leave. But I was sitting there feeling like I'm in poverty and never had enough money for food.

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