What Happened on our First Japan Trip! (Japan Vlog!)

Here’s a fun little video of what happened in Japan on our our First Trip! We’ve shared a lot of our Pokemon Center visits already, but wanted to also share a few clips from some extra places like the Imperial Palace, Harajuku, Ueno Park and some JAPANESE FLUFFY PANCAKES in Tokyo! 😀

We can’t wait to travel again eventually and share our adventures with you more! (This was all filmed in 2019!)


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19 Replies to “What Happened on our First Japan Trip! (Japan Vlog!)”

  1. Dorky Ever After

    We miss Japan! We hope you enjoy these clips from our first trip though 😀

    What videos would you like to see from us over the next few weeks? ^___^

  2. Chloe Strohm

    Would love to go there one day! Especially the Ghibli museum and Tokyo Disney especially as they have a Tangled themed area planned!

  3. Erica Perez

    That's the most chill video I've seen today. 🙂 Now I remember the video Disney Parks put up about Fantasy Springs!!! Any thoughts about the new area?

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