◆Gran Class Car is the best car on the Shinkansen bullet train.This car promises a more comfortable ride 🙂

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35 Replies to “FIRST CLASS on THE SHINKANSEN in JAPAN (Niigata→Tokyo)”

  1. Kristóf László

    This is a First class? joke… it is only a normal train with an uncomfortable seats, small windows…. Ok, it is better like tha normal trains but absolutely not a first class….

  2. Juan Pablo Reyes Altamirano

    Damn it, I got hungry as soon as I saw the Sasadango. Apart from reuniting with my childhood friend in Niigata, that sweet was one of the best memories I have of Japan.

  3. Chanandler Bong

    Your videos are great. So relaxing. Makes me wanna visit there. but then I wonder if it would be wheelchair accessible or not.

  4. NeutralGenericUser

    I can't believe how clean that train was, and how much sound deadening they must've used in the Gran Class cabin. It was so quiet. Wow! As always, Japan continues to impress.

  5. G S

    Nice…I love n miss Japan..and yes I have been on the Shinkansen..from Nagoyao to Kyoto..a few times.and also to Nara…it was super comfy clean fast on time…and I enjoyed a few asahies /kirin en route as well…🥂

  6. lolo mo

    Meanwhile, my broke ass is standing on the aisle of a double decker max toki everytime i go to a ski trip to niigata every winter.

  7. Around the World - Shadi Alkasim

    It seems that Japan is a very clean country 😍🥰 ( and the people too ) I love it , Well done 👍 👍👍

  8. Edward Von Richtoven

    Thank you for these snap shots of travel in Japan. It looks wonderful. You ask at the end what it's like in other countries. Here in the UK it's substandard hell if you're not royalty of very very wealthy.. the UK now has one of the worst train service in the world. Uncomfortable, but as I said unless you can afford first class even then it's not as wonderful as your trains. Ours are dirty over crowded and often late or no running at all.

  9. Chwayde 22

    As a tourist if you're saving money for a short "ball out" vacation in Japan, I'd say the price is definitely worth it just for the experience at $152. Its not cheep but there & back isn't bad if you planned on spending a lot of money anyways. Better than being stuffed into a train & risking someone stealing your wallet anyways.

  10. Sarah J Jacobson

    This was a very good video. In 2019, I had a JR ordinary pass and I used the shinkansen 6 times to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima, then to Yokohama, then to Osaka and Back to Tokyo.

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