Pro Billiards Cue Tips Japan 3 Cushion Billiards Cues Bilardo Matematiği

Hello, I’m the Bilardo Matematiği (Billiard Mathematics). Youtube is my biggest passion. I’m uploading new videos every week for the world billiards family.

I share a lot of videos on my channel like billiards, carom, 3-cushion, billiards best shots, 3 cushion billiards trick shots, basic shots, systems, lessons, trainings, techniques, how to play… and so on.

I am working hard in doing these things and I am in great pleasure. SUBSCRIBE to this great family immediately!


What’s on the Bilardo Matematiği channel?
My own new 3 cushion systems,
World famous billiard systems,
Match analysis of world famous professional players,
3 cushion billiard: Position play, exercise, training, bad positions, run of, ball control…
Carom billiard videos: Kleps, masse, pique, position play, series…
Everything for Carom billiards.
Bilardo Matematiği KATIL

3 Cushion Systems

Top 5 (Most viewed) videos

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