How to Change Pioneer Carrozzeria Avic mrz07, mrz05,mrz09 Language from Japanese to English

How to Change Language on Pioneer Carrozzeria Avic mrz07, mrz05,mrz09

1. SD Card
2. .LNG file – To be downloaded
Note: Please backup your files before starting the Process.
1. Create 2 folders on your SD card. Name folder 1 as ‘BackupFile’ and Folder2 ‘LanguageFile’
2. Copy the language file to folder LanguageFile
Link to download .LNG file and manual below:


44 Replies to “How to Change Pioneer Carrozzeria Avic mrz07, mrz05,mrz09 Language from Japanese to English”

  1. imOJ

    Hi Ben
    I bought a car from japan so I don't care what the data inside I just need to switch to English, do I need to backup?

  2. Television Highlights

    Hi Ben, in the folder at 4:55 after the .LNG tag, all my folders say R instead of AR…..the new language doesn’t work. Thanks!

  3. Aaron Yarde

    Hi Ben I did same but when I went into the user folder it was completely empty is there any way to get this folder back. I didn’t delete either it was missing all along.

  4. Lorna Kemboi

    Ben hi,

    The SD card with both backup files and language file folders to be inserted, is it the normal memory card or a different type.

  5. Uzair Gora

    Hey Ben! trying to change the language on my MRZ99 "Raku Navi Lite". Could you just explain to me if I understood correctly:
    1. Backup PF090JPJPN.LNG
    2. Delete PF090JPJPN.LNG
    3. Paste PF110JPJPN.LNG

    Im confused as the file deleted and the files pasted have different names but in the manual it says to paste and replace it with a file of the same name

  6. Rob

    Hi Ben and thanks for the details, i seem to have lost something, now I have E0000012 on my screen and wont load SD card, any suggestions? Cheers

  7. Mohammad Mostakhdemin

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for your video-unfortunately i have deleted the JPN language data, could you please upload the file for us here so we can copy to the directory-Thank you

  8. Amber Installs Solutions

    My avic-mrz009 does not have the same button config. There are buttons – open, AV, v. Adjust, NAVI Stanby and vol + and -. What do I use to get to file manager screen

  9. Rezaur Rahman

    Hi, I’ve done the entire process already but in my prg0 & prg1 folder I don’t have the file PF090JPJPN. So what can i do now? My backup file is empty now. Will it come back if i reset the player. TIA

  10. Kevin Esbend

    I can't copy the file from the SD card to the radio.. But it was able to back up. Anyone knows what to do about that

  11. Duncan Kibani

    Hi, Ben, I have an mrz99 I followed all the instructions to completion though after rebooting the system my on-screen buttons and titles became blank. any solution for this?

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