20 MUST KNOW JAPAN TRAVEL TIPS – watch before you go


Have you ever thought about going to Japan? If you have or if you are curious about it, watch my video because I will give you all 20 MUST KNOW JAPAN TRAVEL TIPS that will help your japan traveling experience much better! I hope this is useful for all of you planning on going to JAPAN! If you guys have any more suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

Get your simcard for Japan:
To book hotels:
Get your JR Pass:
Get your Suica Card:

15 Replies to “20 MUST KNOW JAPAN TRAVEL TIPS – watch before you go”

  1. Manuel Diaz

    Your videos are very entertaining!!! How many days do you recommend staying in Kyoto? You should do a video on Kyoto for us!!!

  2. Lizú de Lingow

    Wonderful tips, my dear friend Ricky! Thank you. Excellent video! 👏🏻😃 I was expecting you to greet me in Japanese! 😆 Konnichiwa! 👋🏻😂

  3. ManuCrack

    Muy buenos videos hermano, te sigo en instagram y me gusta bastante tu contenido, si pudieras hacer contenido un poco más hacia latam estaría padrisimo. Si nesecitas ayuda con tus miniaturas yo te puedo ayudar. saludos

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