Best $50 Hotel in Nagasaki Japan

I stayed at the S Peria Hotel in Nagasaki. I thought it was great for the low price. Great location with the streetcar station in front of the hotel.

Hotel Website:

*NOTE: Check with third party sites like Agoda or Expedia first. Most of the time there are better offers there.

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34 Replies to “Best $50 Hotel in Nagasaki Japan”

  1. Perdomot

    Looking forward to seeing Nagasaki. Don't think I can ever visit there or Hiroshima after what happened during WW2. I'm a proud American but I also love Japan and its really painful when I think about the bombings. Hope it never ever happens anywhere in the world again.

  2. Slow Neutron

    I wonder if it's in poor taste to sit at a bus-stop in Hiroshima while reading a copy of The Los Alamos Primer……………………………………………………………..prolly.

  3. Wiley

    It's incredible how functional and equipped a cheap room like that can be. Thank you for your videos!
    P.s. I can't wait for the street food video!

  4. Maheen Ahmed

    Rooms like this are great for staying in Japan but not wanting to spend too much money on a hotel. Not worth spending a whole lot on a room you just need to sleep, bathe, and use the toilet

  5. Maheen Ahmed

    So idk if this was just a dream, or was just unique to a hotel/motel I stayed in when I was younger (staying in one was super rare so maybe this is why it stands out) but I remember there being a sink outside the bathroom. The bathroom also had a sink, but there was one outside of it, also.

  6. ShadowSiren88

    Question: why have a water bucket to pour water over yourself when the shower head is flexible? The bowl seems unnecessary when you can rinse off with the shower hose.

  7. TotemJof Buckeye

    Do you take Justin with you on your travels or does someone else watch him? Or is everything in Japan close enough not to need a pet sitter?

  8. momona Kokeshi

    Thank you the hotel tour. For the price, they provide you with more than enough. You have your own furo and bath salts were a nice touch. It was nice to see the bridge and gate.

  9. Ordinary People

    come on, there are few travel activities both domestic and international, the present room rate is not representative.

  10. Peter Jake96

    45 Dollars a night in Nagasaki what a Bargain especially with the complimentary toiletries, green tea and slippers. Room looks nice and clean as well. Nagasaki looks beautiful 😀👍

  11. AhMotherland

    Chotto a minute. They offer in room massages at 100 yen per minute? Is this common? I've never heard of in room massages like that.

  12. Sara

    I have been binge-watching your videos over the past couple of days, and I always find myself getting so immersed! This is a stressful time of the semester, so yours and Satoshi's calm, gentle energy, as well as the lovely ambience of the city reminds me to step back and breathe each time. Keep doing what you do. Looking forward to more. <3

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