Cakes With Faces | Travel [HYPER JAPAN TV]

We’re talking to travel YouTuber, T-shirt impresario and writer Cakes with Faces! She’s going to take us around some of her fave places in Japan to visit, as well as giving us the low down on her latest book project and a special code for her website.

Every show we are going to take you on a magical ride to Japan and introduce you the best travel, pop culture, music, kawaii, traditional, game, anime, cosplay and more!

We are bringing you reports and interviews all over Japan as well as exclusive previews of games, music and pop-culture that you can’t find anywhere else.

日本のイマを英語で届けるHYPER JAPAN TV!人気のアニメ、ゲーム、音楽、KAWAII文化、流行りのトレンド情報から、ココでしか聞けないインタビュー等、幅広く配信します。お見逃しなく!

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