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The top 5 things to do around Nikko, Japan.
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Nikko is a town at the entrance of Nikko National Park, most famous for Toshogu, Japan’s most heavily decorated shrine, and Tokugawa Ieyasu’s mausoleum. The area boasts many historical and natural highlights. Here are our top 5 places in Nikko.

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Voice-over: Matt Evans
Videographer and editor: Thomas Roennlund
Producer: Stefan Schauwecker

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  1. Russell Parratt

    7:20 Wrong. Toyotomi Hideyoshi is not buried in Nikko.
    His Mausoleum is situated in Kyoto, just south east of the city area.
    Where did you get that misinformation from?

  2. James Chicks

    Nice history lesson here! Thanks for the video, great stuff as always. Whish I could be able to go on a huge hike there one day! Also, the food looks absolutely delicious.

  3. Kilted McHaggis

    It almost feels like these videos now are mocking me, especially since covid made me cancel my trip I was bound to take next week. But still good information!

  4. ToBiS81

    I've seen no. 5 and 1 when I visited Nikko in 2018. I also walked along the river with its many Jizo statues.. in the morning mist it was almost magical 😍 next time I wanna see the Okunikko region!

  5. SAMURAI WALK / Chonmage Go

    Thank you for sharing a nice place!
    I hope to return to a world where you can go wherever you like as soon as possible!

  6. Fuu

    Been there in 2016. There is another great hall at Toshogu-Shrine "Honjido-Hall" with the "crying dragon" paiting on the ceiling.
    If you are in Nikko by car (not sure about public transport), you can also visit "Edo wonderland" which is just 15km away from Toshogu-Shrine. It´s a small but fun theme park based on the old Edo period.

  7. Juan Abreu

    Thanks for including a hiking route. 🙂 I hope that in the future you guys could point us at other hiking routes, I believe that aspect is not covered as much as I would like.

  8. Keith Foo

    I can't believe I've been to Nikko twice and missed 5, 4, 2 and the tombs🤦🏻‍♂️. If only this video was out earlier.

    Another excuse to return to Nikko, I guess!

  9. Elen Flores

    Went here last autumn 2019 with two of my friends that I cherish the most. We have so much fun visiting Kegon falls <3

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