12 Replies to “Best reactions to Maada Bio Japan trip”

  1. Carmen Nicholson

    If all he does is Sleep and eat, WAKE HIM!!and hold him accountable. Call him out! Dont let he gets away with it. Let them know there is a new BREED OF AFRICANS on the block who is watching and ready to take over Africa.

  2. Idrissa Bangura

    This whole thing I don't blame the president, it's our people I blamed, because the biggest mistake they did is to gave power to a former war lord, who participated greatly to the where our country is today, and it's this same president confessed to the world that he was one of those that sold the country passports to fight the war.

  3. Ian Subasubani

    Fellow continental people, fighting corruption is not an easy endeavour.
    I am in Southern Africa very far from your Country.

    Please be watchful, worry and mindful of pety issues of S&T for the head of state or any official on foreign mission. Every State does that, normally carried in cash. Normal practice.

    Do not discredit your Country further, already, your past speaks volume with regard to security of investment.

  4. Alie .R Kargbo

    I won't give Maada Bio my small business to run not to talk of a Country, all he does is eat, sleep and lie.

    It's sad!

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