Living with Parents at 25 in Japan

Adulting sucks😅
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41 Replies to “Living with Parents at 25 in Japan”


    even here in the Philippines its normal even you get married and still lives in parents house because we take good care our parents as they grow old. I don't want to leave them and I want to support them till their last breath.

  2. AccipiterMagna

    I'm a student and I plan to live with my parents until I get my masters degree, so until I'm about 25 years old. How can I pay rent for my own appartment if i have classes everyday? I cant work even part time jobs unless I do a night shift but that would be suicide

  3. stealthyshiroean

    This is actually pretty comforting to know that even Japanese people don't know what the yakusho people are saying lol

  4. Jann Guerrero

    I am 34 and I live with my parents because they're approaching their 80's and haven't been able to save much money. I pay their bills and groceries.

  5. BMO na

    Just because you live with your parents doesn’t mean you don’t have a job, are not studying, ect. It’s actually smarter to live with your parents especially if you already have a good relationship with them. You save money, you learn “how to adult” on financial things and if something goes wrong they’re there. I really don’t understand the stigma. Maybe because I come from a family oriented culture where family is everything. Statistically people from such culture tend to improve on wealth by generations when given the opportunity if you think about. That’s because the whole family works together, whether that be paying for a huge house to live together, paying for a relative to finish school together, going on a huge vacation together. There’s literally nothing wrong with that unless you have toxic parents or siblings

  6. Elisa Fatmawati

    Lately, i feel so interested to know more about japan. Thanks for the video, its was great! Anyway im from Indonesian just like half blood of your friends i think hahaha

  7. Just Only John





  8. N S

    I think if you're trying to get your career going, and rent is expensive in your area, living with your parents is pretty smart. if they have space for you, why waste the money on rent? rent is literally money you will never see again, for no reason other than you don't own your own property. avoid paying it at all costs. that being said, i do enjoy the independence of living on my own, but seeing half my paycheck just disappear every week fucking sucks. buy property early, whenever possible.

  9. Phil Smith

    I’m 30 and still living with parents. I pay electric bill, internet and food so if I leave, not sure if my parents would survive.

  10. gigg26

    it's so common in indonesia to live with your parents, even after you're married and have children…my brother is 43 yo and still live with my parents, and he already got his own business and already married…so no shame here

  11. Stein17

    Cost of life is increasing, salary isnt
    Staying with your parents seem to be the norm nowadays, so no shame, I did until I was 24

  12. Urijah Gale Castro Japon

    "aren't you too old to be living with your parents?"

    Alright margaret, you're too old to be alive but here we are

  13. LatinaKamilla

    I just turned 29 and I live with my parents in Florida but I actually moved out at 20-21 and then recently came back to finish college. So here I am with my parents for another year or two wanting to shoot me self lol (not literally of course)

  14. Christina Page

    Where I live in the Channel Islands it's not very common to live with your parents in your 20's unless you are at university, you're not seen as a mature adult until you work full time and live alone for a while, it's like a right of passage to rough it on a budget. I think in our case it's because the majority of people who still live with their parents here don't have a mature attitude to responsibility as they've never been given any. I have met many young men especially who don't know how to use a washing machine, how to read a gas bill or have never booked their own doctors appointment, etc.

  15. Switch Lite Gaming

    I just started learning the Japanese language and how to write it. I'm happy I was able to pick up a few words that you were saying! I'll be visiting there once the pandemic is more controlled and I cant wait! Perhaps you could do a video teaching some common phrases or simple greetings for us newbies lol have a great day 😀

  16. Sailor Rae

    "if you have a wider vagina, this is what you can choose"


    I love the VLOG style! Living in Japan is my best memory 🙂

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