what to do in JAPAN | climbing MOUNT FUJI summit + more | ULTIMATE travel tips

hello there 🙂
don’t mind me being brutally honest about everything in this video HAHA~ anyways, IN THIS VID i talk about japan ♡ and show you the places i went. looped in some stories to hopefully help with travel advice/entertain you lol

hopefully the rest of us can travel again soon. hope you all stay safe, happy, healthy – all the good things 🙂

where do you want to travel next?

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21 Replies to “what to do in JAPAN | climbing MOUNT FUJI summit + more | ULTIMATE travel tips”

  1. Sophie C.

    i think this is my favorite video of yours so far! the video flowed nicely and i loved the editing as always :). i feel like we're the same person sometimes because i also love traveling, documenting, journaling thoughts, and basically everything you described in this video 😂. that aside, i actually knew little to nothing about what to do in Japan so this was super insightful! i had no idea climbing a mountain could be that hard, or that the hot springs were so enjoyable. love your videos, keep it up!! ❤

  2. Irish Joy Luna

    Love it Japan definitely looks amazing 🤩 I’ve been wanting to go to Japan and After watching I miss travelling more hopefully things will retUrn to normal soon so we can all travel again ☺️🙏🏼🥺🤍more videos like this please 😊

  3. the sarah xox

    omg i miss my trips to japan now :" thanks for sharing this and letting me relive my experiences especially since i wont be travelling for a while because of covid :"

  4. 曼丽Living by the beach

    It's perfect to travel to Japan right now. Because there are cherry blossom everywhere in the Japanese spring …😀

  5. Nadya Olivares

    GIRL IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO VISIT JAPAN!! this vid makes me wanna go NOW 😤 the tax free shopping?? IM BOOKING MY TICKET

  6. Cynical Duchess

    when I want to Japan I didn't go to Kyoto. I have this thing where I like to deep dive into a city so I can explore all its nooks and crannies. So I stayed in Tokyo for 2 weeks exploring all the different district (of course I barely scratched the surface because there's just so much to DO in Tokyo) but the next time I goto Japan I definitely want to go to Kyoto– there's just so much history and traditional Japanese architecture there. loved this video

  7. Cynical Duchess

    omg omg omg I'm already loving this video!!! I LOOOOOVVEEEE Japan!!! I want there 2 years ago to visit my friend and I can't wait to go back!!

  8. Issie Hanley

    Omg this looks insane. Japan has always been on my to-go list so I really hope one day I can see such amazing sights and go to as gorgeous places as these 🤍🤍

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