Takoyaki Recipe – Japanese Street Food

How To Make Takoyaki Japanese Street Food [ASMR]
たこ焼きの作り方 外国人がたこ焼きを作る [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 20g All purpose flour
– 30ml Water
– Cooking oil
– 300g Octopus
– Medium heat 7 minutes
(中火 7分)
– Green onion
– Pickled ginger
– 250ml Water
– 1 Egg
– 10g Sugar
– 1/4Tsp Salt
– 10g Soy sauce
– 90g All purpose flour
– 10g Rice flour
– 1/2Tsp Baking powder
– Cooking oil
– Medium heat 5 minutes
(中火 5分)
– Takoyaki sauce
– Mayonnaise
– Dried green seaweed
– Bonito Flakes
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1. 타코야키만드는 방법 아주 쉽고 맛있는
2. Làm Bánh Takoyaki Bạch Tuộc nướng Nhật Bản cực kỳ ngon mà dễ vô cùng luôn nheee
4. ทาโกะยากิ สอนทำขนม ของว่าง สไตล์ญี่ปุ่น ขนมครกญี่ปุ่น ทำอาหารง่ายๆ | ครัวพิศพิไล
5. 在家輕鬆做章魚燒
6. Takoyaki कैसे बनाना है
7. التاكوياكى اليابانى بطريقه سهله وبسيطه🐙

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  1. Cathy Zhang

    Happy belated birthday!!! The last time I had Takoyaki was at an outdoor asian festival in chinatown but I'll have to wait a long time if I want to go to another festival with takoyaki…

  2. Thu Thuy - Snow

    Bọn mèo nhà chế k có hứng thú với đồ ăn à?! 🤣 ngon thế kia. Nhà t là nó sấn đến tới tấp luôn rồi.

  3. Lu Cheng

    Dipping the tentacles in boiling water is a technique to make sure they curl prettily, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect the taste or texture.

  4. Jawariya Qamar

    Wishing you a late happy birthday.💙. that u must hve spend with frends and family ..because..single people always hve that kinda b.days 🤣🤣

  5. Mariem Ragrag

    Thank u Nino !
    How about a video "real japanese sushi and also how to make the suitable sauces for it " please
    Thank u
    Luv u 🖤

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