Exploring NAGASAKI's Chinese District | OLDEST CHINATOWN in JAPAN

Today we visit the Confucius temple, Holland Slope, the Western style homes and finally the oldest Chinatown in Japan.


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29 Replies to “Exploring NAGASAKI's Chinese District | OLDEST CHINATOWN in JAPAN”

  1. Google Samsung

    If Confucius was alive, I am sure he would be delighted to see Japan (not China) as the society that is closest to his ideal world…I am Chinese

  2. Careful Consumer

    Would you consider living in Nagasaki? Looks like a nice location by the sea. Did you feel any breeze from the sea? Thanks for the video.

  3. London Pelen

    Hi Shinichi how you doing good to see you hope you are being safe l love these ventures you taking us on the view is awesome thanks for sharing the history of it be safe God BLESS to all of u all

  4. Bee Oh El

    Shinchi one question for you my darling is there Irish places in Japan
    If so would you mind to see that area
    Keep up the awesome work love from 💚🍀🇨🇮😘

  5. Dennis Tani

    Shinichi that's for the tour! Nagasaki looks like a nice place to visit. By the way, the Aeon shopping centers here in okinawa are having a nagasaki fair. I stocked up on noodles and different snacks

  6. Scriptor13

    Another beautiful day in Nagasaki. Thank you for sharing it with us, Shinichi! Nagasaki really does remind me of San Francisco with all the hills and steep streets. It's not only a lovely, culturally rich, and interesting city, but it's a great place to get your daily exercise simply by walking from place to place. I can't wait to see more!

  7. Loretta Amstad

    Very Dutchy, colonial style. Now I understand why my late mum used to live there when she was a teenager. Beautiful city! I love crispy noodles, very popular Chinese dish in London. ShinChin Chinatown 😊

  8. Diane Rajkowski

    Thankyou for taking us along. This is an area I wouldn’t be able to walk thru so it’s much appreciated to feel like I’m there…

  9. Shannon Breland

    My legs were sore just watching you go up and down those hills.😆
    The temple was so lovely. Thanks for the walk. I'm really liking the short videos…I can watch them on my lunch breaks uninterrupted.👍🏻😊

  10. momona Kokeshi

    Thank you for the tour. I like the Confucius Temple and Chinatown. I would love to spend couple of days there. Don't know if I could climb the hills.

  11. Taralynn70

    I just adore your walking videos. I really feel like I'm hanging out with you…the Confucius temple is just so serene…is it always so quiet? The temple, the lovely streets with the occasional sakura bloom floating around, the gates…just love it all. <3 Thank You, Shinichi.

  12. Tony Sharing

    Thank you for showing Nagasaki since i've never see it before Shinichi 🙏😀 btw its really great place for working out 😁

  13. Katy Libarnes

    The western houses in Hollander slope reminded me of the Dutch colonial buildings in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was about to ask if the area had Dutch influences until I typed Hollander which answered my own question. 😁😁😁

    The arch to the entrance to the chinatown makes me think of the arch in Binondo, Manila here in the Philippines. It is known as the oldest chinatown in the world.

  14. ME Dibble

    its a good job Nagasaki is hilly the hill around the city saved the surrounding area when the bomb was dropped it defected the fallout out to sea

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