CRAB SASHIMI and Tajima WAGYU in Hyogo’s Hot Spring Towns – Foodie Road Trip Part 3

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In this third and last installment of the Foodie Road Trip in Western Japan, Shizuka Anderson and Leina Bambino travel to Hyogo Prefecture. Starting at Kannabe Kogen, a famous ski resort and onsen town, they visit a traditional local restaurant for a lunch set packed with seasonal vegetables from the mountains and local fish. But the star of the show is the soba noodles, which are actually made using tofu!

Then, at Kinosaki Onsen, they try the local nikuman (made with Hyogo’s Tajima wagyu beef) and have desserts from a local sweets shop before heading to their ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and changing into kimono. There, they have the Shiosai Kaiseki (しおさい会席) course which features crab prepared in three ways: boiled, sashimi, and in a nabe (hotpot).

Lunch set featuring soba noodles, local vegetables, and fish at Kannabe Waraku
Sukiyaki nikuman made with Tajima wagyu
Matcha rice flour cheesecake
Parfait with chocolate rice flour cheesecake
Shiosai Kaiseki (しおさい会席)

Kannabe Kogen
–Kannabe Waraku
Kinosaki Onsen
–Kachōan Souvenir Shop
–Kinosaki Sweets
–Onishiya Suishoen


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HOST » Shizuka Anderson
GUEST » Leina Bambino
DIRECTOR » David Woo
VIDEO EDITOR » Edvin Mulalic
PRODUCER » Serkan Toso

32 Replies to “CRAB SASHIMI and Tajima WAGYU in Hyogo’s Hot Spring Towns – Foodie Road Trip Part 3”

  1. Glenn edwards

    Shizzy is the most beautiful thing in the whole of Japan. Having especially a female co presenter makes them look ugly dull and boring in comparison no matter how they they would be viewed in isolation. They simply cannot compete and it is like putting a 4 years olds crayon drawing against the Mona Lisa.

  2. Van H

    At the end of your foodie road trip can you let us know which you enjoyed the most overall (based on food, activities and scenery) for us viewers who perhaps might only be able to visit one of the places?

  3. Jemhiel Eufemio

    Wow, I'm seeing some good japanese food that I don't know at the same time I'm learning new Japanese Words wow, nice channel.

  4. hoyansango

    I wish I can see more food shots! Especially the crab kaiseki meal. There are close up shots but they are too close up and I can't see much. Wish there were some slow panel shots of the food so I can see each intricate dishes. How did the fruit cocktail look like… I can't see anything!!!!

  5. Budi Tan

    Beautiful winter scenery – didn't realize Kyoto had that much snow – the kimonos were also beautiful and made the dinner part seem really traditional.

  6. Fred Nicolas

    So happy to see you two on the show. I can't hardly wait to do my Asian tour again now that the covid restriction is easing a bit and my Vac X2 are done.

  7. Leau_thegold

    Ngl listening to this while I work,but yall sound super genuine and with great pacing! Definitely will check this area when traveling is a thing again

  8. Mechcam 79

    So many beautiful places to visit in Japan. I wouldn’t be able to visit them all even if I went every year for the rest of my life.

  9. Quinn 1271

    Note to video editor – occasionally it’s ok NOT to have an obnoxious dance party musical transition that contrasts so much with the tone of the scene.

  10. Drew Corry

    So Sad Road Trip Is Over. Did Both Of You Finish Saka Bottle? Love Crab. Food Looked Very Tasty. Really Want To Try The Steamed Bun, Very Happy You Ate Street Food & Showed Us The Area. What A Surprise To See Your Name At The Inn. Loved The Video

  11. leina bambino

    Thank you for having me on such an EXCITING road trip!! I am reliving the moments through the videos! Can't wait to explore more with you! 🙂

  12. rchong89

    This series has been great! I particularly liked the Kyoto fishermen's town episode as I've already had it on my list of places that I want to visit when borders reopen. If I may give one critique, some the music during the quick b-roll cuts tend to be a bit jarring as it contrasts pretty heavily with Shizuka's presentation. Also, the levels are quite a bit higher compared to the level of Shizuka's and Leina's voices which makes it worse. Otherwise, I enjoyed the videos! Keep up the good work!

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