Japanese Students' Reaction to Indian Food in Tokyo

Hello! We are MaharaJapan!!
This time We went to eat Indian Food in Tokyo! All the members love Indian food, so I was able to eat Indian food really deliciously! It was a great time!

▼Below is a list of Indian food we ate!

・Keema Curry with Naan
・Vegetable Schezwan Noodle

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21 Replies to “Japanese Students' Reaction to Indian Food in Tokyo”

  1. naveenkumar saxena

    Indian people are not like you Japanese people.We doesn't eat following diet.We eat till our tummy is not full,and we can't eat food without any spicy flavour.

  2. 勇张


  3. Vipin Nair

    When I was at Ueno,Tokyo I was always comparing the price of Indian at Tokyo vs in Mumbai. Tea costs around Rs.20 in India but in Tokyo it was 400 Yens( Rs.250). Also it’s sad that freshly made fruit juices are not available in Tokyo’s hotels

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