Incredible Giant Octopus Fishing – How Japan Chef Cutting Giant Octopus And Octopus Processing

Way Fishermen Catch Giant Octopus in Japan Sea – Giant Octopus Processing Skills to make sashimi

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49 Replies to “Incredible Giant Octopus Fishing – How Japan Chef Cutting Giant Octopus And Octopus Processing”

  1. TheCotzi

    Happyx birthday we sliced your cat in half to celebrate it omg why every animal needs to slaughtert for some minutes of enjoyment and then like this lets not kill it lets slice it into two püarts and let it suffer

  2. Aman Singh

    Can we start to stop eating wild creatures & leave the nature on their own me not vegan but sad to see this kill giants bcoz they not farmed they are hunted if they missing or Endangered from this earth who are responsible।।

  3. Supriya singh Singh

    Insan se bada jaanwar aur hewan koi nahi hota hai, ek bejuban jaanwar ko itana Dard , how human do this types of works😳😳😱🤔

  4. mraaronhd

    The first piece of music feels like it would belong in an anime where the two main characters (high schoolers, obviously) finally confess their love towards each other at the end of the series. Oh, and it will be in the middle of a storm or something like that where they’re standing outside getting rained on or snowed on.

  5. marilyn clare

    Do you ever feel bad for the octopus? They have lots of brainpower and people can actually communicate with the octopus. It saddens me to see them still moving after being sliced up.

  6. DonnierDarko223

    Is there a reason to why the animal is not killed properly beforehand? Im sure you can work your magic and make great sushimi with a freshly killed octopus too rather than chopping the headoff and have it wiggle around.

    The music adds to a psychopath setting to be honest.

  7. Delilah Thawmte

    Of all the things human could eat on earth, why on earth are we eating an octopus, let them be, they deserve to live🥺when I was a little kid, I consider octopus as a sea monster, never realised there would come a day where they'd be butcher n eaten alive sometimes, now who is the monster here?🥺

  8. Blanca Ochoa

    Que vergüenza lo que enseñas entrenador dé asecinos dé animales y después matan hombres mujeres y niños por qué así como matas animales sos capaz de matar hombres mujeres y niños y vender carné humana haragán trabaja enseña mejor como mejorar la agricultura algo bueno

  9. Blanca Ochoa

    Asecinos dé animales solo falta que maten asecinen hombres mujeres y niños y vendas carné humana generación maldita están destruyendo el mundo y solo falta que vendas carné humana asecino sí lo haces con un animal sos capaz de matar con el cuchillo a hombres mujeres y niños para vender carné humana cuidado la humanidad está en peligro dé estos asecinos

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