28 Replies to “Sukiyaki – Japanese Food in Tokyo”

  1. Ирина РОГОВА

    Вот, бы оказаться в Японии! Обожаю Японию, а кухня, ах! ADEN,а вы знаете японский?

  2. 锁罗黄

    Japan unlike any where in the world also have private service girl cooking room like this so beautiful deeply happiness meaning thank you from Thailand.

  3. João

    Adoro vídeos de sukiyaki, a mulher cozinhando com todo cuidado me dá uma paz. Traga mais restaurantes deste tipo para nós. Abraços!

  4. R

    very nice and clean like a river down the stream peacefully. restaurant should be like this. it should have a class of its own. maybe next time can film the surrounding including the chef for us to feel the ambient.

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