International students have been waiting for over one year. We ask the Japanese government a time frame and a plan so they know what to do and when they can enter Japan.
April 21st update. I go through some useful links and some initiatives that are happening right now. I share also some articles I’ve written to raise awareness of the situation of the international students that are heavily affected by the border restrictions in Japan.

The news section on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website is where government officials update about the opening and closing of the travel ban. I will monitor this website hourly.

Other students are contacting local embassies and officials asking for support. Please join these activities if you can. We are in this together and it’s important that we raise our voice and we make also local institutions aware of the situation in which international students are.

If you would like us to share the details of initiatives you are working on to raise awareness, please contact me at [email protected]

If you would like to share your story or add a picture to your current submission, please use this form:

Let me know in the comments if you are aware of any significant initiative and campaign that you think I should share in the next video. Please let me know If you have any suggestions about the content to post.

If you are an international student and you haven’t filled our form yet, you can do it here:
The stories, if selected, can be used online and in print to lobby the government. We may have to edit some submissions for length or clarity.
So far we collected over 500 stories from students from 67 different countries, thanks to the stories, a journalist from the Yomiuri Shimbun wrote the article that I show in this video. Also, through language schools, we will try to submit a translation in Japanese of the stories to the Japanese government.


Foreign students pursuing higher education or language study in Japan are a key resource for the country’s aging economy, however, Japan is prioritizing the entrance of foreign Olympic athletes and foreign Olympic-related staff.

Japan has guaranteed access to 11,000 athletes from around the world plus related staff but has forgotten international students who are now left in limbo and don’t know if/when they will enter Japan.

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00:40 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) Official Website in Japanese

01:31 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) Official Website in English

04:34 The Japan Times, English online newspaper

05:31 My Twitter profile

06:41 StrandedOutJPN, twitter account with info and initiatives related to opening the borders for international students in Japan

09:57 Petition for US citizens

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17 Replies to “NEWS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN JAPAN, travel ban updates.”

  1. Jeff Jacques

    Thank you Mr. Rossi,
    My wife and I are currently working with GoGoNihon, we're applying to attend a Japanese language school starting in October of 2021. It's been a very positive experience for us so far, we're currently waiting to hear if our chosen school will accept us as students. Once accepted, we will wait for Japan Immigration to grant us the COE for a Student Visa and allow us into Japan. Best of luck to all students who wish to realize their dream of studying (and working) in Japan. We remain positive and optimistic, we've even put a deposit on an apartment. Best, Jeff

  2. Butch.

    Me and my brother want to go study in Japan. The fact that we cant go is really annoying. We hope the open-up borders soon.

  3. Helena Sanmamed

    Davide I can not express how grateful I am that you started this YouTube channel to help raise awareness about the situation of international students. We hope we can have some news soon!!

  4. Filippo Lussana

    Grazie per quello che stai facendo e per le informazioni. Vivo in Corea e sto aspettando notizie in quanto dovrei iniziare a Luglio ma credo la situazione non cambierà molto in questi mesi…

  5. jjaks

    Surely there's more to persuading the govt than just through the Japanese media. The Heads of universities surely have some clout with the Education ministry who can talk with their ministerial counterparts on proper measures to take to ensure researchers, scholars and students undertake stringent border controls to safeguard public health. I'd be interested to know if Deans and school heads have started any such discussions. Thank you very much for your efforts.

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