You Won't Believe the Japan Crime Facts We Found!

Find out some insider details on Japanese crime that only Japanese people know about. Why is there a tree in banks and what unusual weapon do Japanese police officers use to fight crime?

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35 Replies to “You Won't Believe the Japan Crime Facts We Found!”

  1. efnissien

    The tree as a height guide is one of many subtle ways used – the height of the counter – or the door handle. I heard of one place in the UK having two fake utilities covers at two distances from the door and get two reference heights by geometry. And with the Japanese police using revolvers – they are less likely to jam, if you pull the trigger and the weapon doesn't fire (the bullet fails) there's no need to pull back the slide- just pull the trigger again.
    I've seen an interview with a long serving Japanese policeman who claimed that he'd never drawn his weapon on duty & knew only one officer that had.

  2. RSProduxx

    Revolvers also don´t jam… shell ejection mechanics are the biggest weakness of an automatic pistol…
    Japanese like to rely on simple things when possible.


    こんにちは。 アマゾンのベストレビュアーを募集していますが、興味のある方はいらっしゃいますか?


    —— ディーラー***

  4. Grady Harper

    come to think of it that would serve as a spectacular video series Cathy Cat getting seriously trained in the art of thai-ho Jitsu

  5. Grady Harper

    with the tree i was like wtf why not just use the American height measuring tape at the door frame LoL later you said Magnifikent LoL

  6. Hajime

    American here. Why the revolver makes more sense than a automatic in Japan is due to lack of rounds to maintain public safety, revolvers unlike automatic are always ready to be fired, you do not have to have one in the chamber and revolvers don't jam or have feeding issues. Revolvers may be older model but in the grand sceem of things they are far better for the majority of situations

  7. basspig

    Japan is very safe, but not because of police. It's because of their culture. America is a deal facto police state and dictatorship, but we have staggering levels of crime. And as we learned this week, the police can go to prison if they actually do their jobs.

  8. Findecanor

    Good gun designs don't necessarily get obsolete that quickly, and if you care for it, it could last practically forever. For instance, in the US, the Browning M1911 pistol — from 1911 is still very popular, and some military units and police forces around the world still use it.

  9. reza m

    @ask japanese gun expert here. 3 reasons: lighter pistols, low collateral damage (and decent stopping power) and shape of ammo.
    explanation: That pistol uses rounds in .38 Special caliber. This round was specifically designed for police work back in early 1900s, has a medium weight bullet traveling at very low speeds (compared to other rounds). This gives it a good stopping power at short range, and due to low bullet speed it does not penetrate a lot through walls, reducing collateral damage in case the bullet doesn't hit someone and instead hits the wall of a house where people live. By choosing this round they don't have to worry about over penetration and getting someone mortally wounded through the wall, objects, etc.
    This is a very low pressure ammo, meaning that your pistol does not have to withstand high pressure, hence it can have thinner components and making the pistol lighter.
    This is a rimfire-type ammo, and most rimfire pistols are revolvers due to the shape of the ammo.

  10. foldinggoose

    Revolver fan here. A revolver has a few advantages over a gun with a magazine. The first one is that it's far less complex and thus it's easier to maintain and is less likely to fail. Another pro for the revolver is that you can pull it out and cock the hammer with one hand, so it's faster to use in case of a quick draw. They are also less picky in terms of the ammo, were a magazine fed gun can have a feeding jam depending on the ammo used the revolver happily spins away. Sure, a revolver is slower to reload and has less capacity but it's actually pretty rare for a police officer to fire more than a few rounds in case of something serious going down. And usually revolvers have a heavier trigger pull which is an advantage in high stress situations (which it will be for the police man if he has to draw his gun in a real situation), it's less easy to go trigger happy and fire all the rounds in one go.

  11. Benedetto Bruno

    I confess: I do not like these videos. I find them rather boring. I preferred those when Cathy interviewed people on the streets.

  12. Martial Bachoffner

    You are telling us that Japanese Police Officers don't use a lightsaber! Really? I'm going back to bed, this is a nighmare.

  13. Robert Sadler

    Moonie Wild West Cathy Cat burglar must of just got bailed out the police were following her already in the back ground checking on her!LOL Moonie would use her Moonie wavy wand power moment to fight crime and kick butt!:)NYA NYA

  14. Humanoid Nfin8

    0:40 – Bank Tree Function: first guess (before I saw the list), to measure the height of the patrons, in case of any unfortunate incidents. [ding-ding!]
    3:50 – Police Offensive Tactics: Pepper Spray? (I have no idea…) [buzzzzz!]
    7:00 – Cat-Jitsu

  15. Bryan David Asuncion

    What Cathy Cat did not mention is that police are actually taught Hokuto Shinken. Thats why crime rate is so low, police offices just say to the criminal "Omae ha, shindeiru" and then poof goes the criminal.

  16. 華古奈美


  17. Miyu

    definately emergency food😂😂 (If anyone knows Genshin Impact you probably know the meme)
    I'm Japanese but I didn't know all facts. Interesting video as always.

  18. Ossan N' America / おっさんなめりか

    I think you should have explained that the athletes who have engaged Judo and Kendo in junior high and high schools tend to be police officers in Japan.

  19. GreenIeaf

    I walk by an embassy to my work every day, and the guards there all have.. long sticks. I always wondered if it might be because they are trained to use it as a weapon, and not because they can transform the stick into a broom or something

  20. steem lenn

    Not long ago I have seen a video about the difference between "single bullet" ammunition and magazines.
    Magazines are not necessarily offering more shots, are more expensive and heavier, and the risk of blocking is higher. Especially in a revolver you can simple turn it around one time if one shot does not work instead of trying to get a potentially stuck magazine out of the gun.

    Also I think the Japanese police guns are on a chain connected to the officer so that no oen can simply snatch it away?

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