Japanese All-You-Can-Eat Charcoal BBQ Buffet

Eating a buffet at a Japanese charcoal BBQ restaurant where you grill your food with a charcoal stove on your table

30 Replies to “Japanese All-You-Can-Eat Charcoal BBQ Buffet”

  1. Malin K

    Imagine going to dinner, film the food all the time and dont say a word to your company. 😪😂 And why on earth do you eat the shell of the prawn? 🥴

  2. Kim William Hyun Woong Sin

    이야… 이젠 일본도 김치 타령이냐.
    확실히 김치는 고기랑 밥이랑 뭐든지 잘 어울리긴 하지

  3. Otto Black

    I love these videos! Want to see more of you and you’re lady going out to nice bbq and hotpot places it’s so nice to look at the meats and watch a nice meal! Keep up the awesome work peace and love!

  4. Srikanth Konda

    Dancing Bacons is an idiot. He/ She forgot to cook the salmon sashimi and ate it raw. It has to be cooked and eaten. This kind of imbecile Japanese culture of eating raw seafood poses a potential threat to health. Can't you even cook the sashimi even if the grill is in front of you? Dancing Bacons has clearly lost his/her senses.

  5. Victorio Flores

    In the description there is no mention of name of restaurant , address so people might eat there too. The food is delicious and excellent to behold.

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