Learn Japanese at Kai Japanese Language School

Since 1987, KAI have built a program built on cultural understanding and psychological theories, specially designed to meet all students needs. They also have a strong reputation for supporting students that have no kanji background as well as providing a multi-national environment with students from 40 countries.

Unlike most other language schools, KAI has a very high percentage of students from Western countries. This means they have a ton of experience in how to teach to students that may have difficulty learning Japanese that students from Asian countries do not experience.

This school is of Medium-High Intensity which means that they teach material at a very efficient pace. In general, you can expect to study daily for about 2 hours outside of class, depending on your level. So if you’re someone who is serious about Japanese and committed to learning quickly yet still want some free time, this school could be right for you!

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  1. Reuben Royal

    Great work as always! I aim to be in Japan studying at around 2023 and then hopefully find some video editing work there, so it's always great to see these videos pop up!

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