Attack Terrible (Apr.26) France & Japan join US Send Troop to Help PH attack China Maritime Militia

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France & Japan join US Send Troop to Help PH attack China Maritime Militia

Japan will hold a joint military drill with U S and French troops, in the country’s southwest next month, the defence minister said on Friday, as China’s actions in regional waters raise concern.

The exercise, running from May 11-17, will be the first large-scale exercise in Japan, involving ground troops from all three countries, the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) said in a statement.
Tokyo has sought to deepen defence cooperation beyond its key U S ally to counter Beijing’s growing assertiveness, in the East and South China sea.

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22 Replies to “Attack Terrible (Apr.26) France & Japan join US Send Troop to Help PH attack China Maritime Militia”

  1. Joey Lerio

    China, wil be second Motherland will taste the nuclear bomb 💣 from different allies of Phils. End of days for CHINA Motherland!!!🌎🌎🌎

  2. Taka Anne

    Bomb 💣 All the China 🇨🇳 Ships 🚢 🛳 in west Philippines 🇵🇭 Sea 🌊 China 🇨🇳 was so Greedy everyday stolen all the Seafoods from WPS Because WPS Seafoods are very Expensive and fresh 👍We have no time to wait because China 🇨🇳 continue to expand to build in WPS look 👀👿😡

  3. Lucita Azarcon

    Mao nang presidente sa China nagmagahe pag withdraw deha sa atong territorio gumikanni trillanesjay Gloria arroyo panot del Rosario Kay Ila Na gibaligyalood angay Na karon atong ibala sa canyon Mao nay hinungdan gani siguro gioperatAn Na atong oil deha Kon sa Ako lang opinion puwede atong gerahon Lavina karon nga daghan kalaban sa China ato deay tong balikon nga away 1950 China batik pH Kita Ang nakadaot ug buhipaman se Ramos ato deay Na pangutan on Kon giunsa pag daog Ang sundalong Pinoy batok China

  4. Michael Hill

    Don't let china or russia frighten you,they just make such a big noise thats all,when china and russia are confronted by other countries they take off like rabbits running for their little safe Hole,just go straight at them,boy will china and russia run with their tail between their legs,what a hoot,2 Big Bullies😱😱

  5. neil w

    Today's china reminds me of germany of the 1930's they both trying to take land any way they can, they oppress people, they both have people in concentration camps, they both are killing people in the camps, no one can dare question the state of what it does. Both leaders trying to emulate a person or region of time they think was the golden era for their country. Why president xi wants to be like mao is a scary question considering the man killed over 20 million of his own people. History will repeat itself if xi gets into a full blown war with the rest of the free world 20 million chinese will die more likely far far more also With this situation i see history going to repeat itself i just hope the world does not allow china to get any stronger or the cost will be paid in human misery and blood and this man won't care he just wants the world to worship him.
    It's bad enough the chinese send hundreds of fishing vessels into other countries fishing areas in a bid to take all their fish and in a sense to starve them into submission. The chinese dont fish like the rest of the world they keep everything even little babies and eggs so when they leave an area nothing is left thats why there are no fish left in china's area of the sea and they also overfish way too much and dont know how to help the fishing area recover enough to fish it again next season. The united nations needs to send in experts to help them but they dont want to be told what to do they would rather just steal it under the cover of darkness and i lament they will get the same result like what the argentinian goverment did to them, they sank close to 200 chinese fishing vessels they let the fisherman go but the boats gone! they became fishing reefs so more fish can spawn and replace the fish the chinese already took. You would think they learned their lesson but no WRONG! China decided to put military soldiers on board with the fisherman and increased their fishing vessels to over 1200 ships. I already see what is going to happen it's sad there cant be a peaceful rational solution to this situation

  6. R M

    Due to The Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement… They don’t report anything on CCP bad behavior in Japan.
    1 Japanese government shall not take a hostile view toward China.
    2 Japan shall not follow the United States and the conspiracy of creating two Chinas which the United States contrives. We definitely disagree with Japan's subservience.
    3 The development of and the normalization of bilateral relations between China and Japan will not be interfered.

  7. Rogelio Visperas

    Dapat matupad ang international law sapagkat ito ay tungo sa kapayapaan at responsibilidad na parusahan ang bansang lumalabag dito at lahat ng bansa na myembro nito ay may tungkulin n na ipatupad ito para sa katahimikan . Ang ginagawa ng china na pananakop ay hudyat ng walang resperto at pagkilala sa kapayapaan at paghahamon sa buong united nation kung ang kapayapaan ay dugo ang kapalit dapat ang buong united nation ay umaksyon na lalaban tayo para kapayapaan walang nakakataas sa batas ng international law pigilan na ang mananakop. Dugo para sa kapayapaan pagbayarin sila sa paninira ng karagatan ng asia

  8. Yury Tabia

    Am a Filipino and we Filipinos are not afraid of war if they want to but it seems like out president is afraid of China

  9. D S

    All I can tell is that Americans have no friends and they wouldn't move a finger for anybody unless they're particularly interested in something in exchange.

  10. Gilbert Delator

    mahina man tayo sa kagamitan marami naman tayong kakampe yan ang lamang natin .salamat sa lahat ng bansa na tumulong sa PH god blees🙏🙏

  11. French People Marianne Pleure

    La Chine possède une famille complète de missiles hypersoniques à tête nucléaire dits Tueurs de Porte-Avions. Pour dissuader le cowboy américain et ses alliés la Chine a tiré en 2020 deux missiles dans la Mer de Chine Méridionale. L'un (le DF-21D d'une portée de 1800km) est tiré de la province côtière du ZheJiang. L'autre (le DF-26B d'une porte de 4000km) est tiré de la province (nord ouest) du QingHai. D'une précision diabolique les deux missiles ont touchés la même cible dans la Mer de Chine Méridionale. Un seul missile de la famille permet de couler tout un groupe aéronaval à base de porte-avions en cinq minutes. La Chine est déterminée à arrêter l'invasion de la marine américaine dans la mer de chine méridionale.

    China has a complete family of hypersonic nuclear-headed missiles known as Aircraft Carrier Killers. To deter the American cowboy and its allies China fired two missiles in the South China Sea in 2020. One (the DF-21D from the 1800km distance) is from the coastal province of ZheJiang. The other (the DF-26B from the 4000km distance) is from the province (northwest) of QingHai. With diabolical precision both missiles hit the same target in the South China Sea. A single missile from the family can sink an entire aircraft carrier-based aircraft group in five minutes. China is determined to stop the U.S. Navy's invasion of the South China Sea.

  12. French People Marianne Pleure

    Après l'interception de la Frégate Vandémiaire dans le détroit de Taiwan le Peuple de France interdit à Madame La Ministre de la Défense d'envoyer de bâtiments de surface dans la Mer de Chine Méridionale. Après le passage du SNA Emeraude le Peuple de France interdit à Madame La Ministre de la Défense d'envoyer de sous marins en Mer de Chine Méridionale. En Droit la Mer de Chine Méridionale est le territoire défendu de la Chine. Et la France n'a pas de territoire à défendre. Le droit de la liberté de navigation défendu par la France est en conflit avec le droit de la Défense du Territoire de la Chine. En Force la Marine Nationale est obsolète par rapport à la Marine chinoise qui est à ce jour la toute première marine au monde en nombre de bâtiments ultra modernes.

    After the interception of the Vandemyary Frigate in the Taiwan Strait, the People of France forbade the Minister of Defense from sending surface vessels into the South China Sea. After the passage of the SNA Emerald the People of France forbade the Minister of Defense to send submarines to the South China Sea. In law the South China Sea is the forbidden territory of China. And France has no territory to defend. The right of freedom of navigation defended by France is in conflict with the law of the defence of the Territory of China. In Force, the National Navy is obsolete compared to the Chinese Navy, which is to date the first marine in the world in terms of the number of ultra-modern vessels.

  13. Ace Fernando

    France and japan together with the united ststes will war in west phil sea in favor of the phil in order to control the west phil sea and air together with all islands . China xi xinping mission is to invade west phil sea and air together all islands because west phil sea is plenty of oil and mineral deposits and plenty of fish aside from this west phil sea is excellent strategic location for the war with united states and its allies because all international trade business in air and sea passed in west phil sea where all countries should pay taxes to china before countries passed by. Secondly west phil sea can help china war in taiwan and vietnam sea. 3rdly the expansion of xi xinping will continue in indo pacific to invade all the sea for their fishing ground for food of china billion of people .china will invade all the air by invading all the islands in indo pacific meaning china now is a conqueror not japan. This is supposed to be role of japan but replaced by chna. But japan will war against china if china continue to invade west phil sea because west phil sea is connected to sea of japan and taiwan.

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