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  1. Rifflerr1g

    hi guys, the best info that ive had was with the Japanese Magic Method (just google it) definately the most useful info that I have ever followed.

  2. Bryan Eastlake

    Yeah I guess you are right.

  3. RonLarhz

    for example use for long opjects u say
    yi pon
    ni hon
    san bon
    yo hon
    go hon
    roku bon
    and so on

    so for floors its is only san gai that is different?

  4. Bryan Eastlake

    This is terrible. If you want to learn faster try downloading some podcasts, start reading manga, get involved with the language by using something that uses less than 90% English

  5. Adam Grainger

    in the UK the bottem floor is the "ground floor" and the one above is the "1st floor" and so on, in the US the "ground floor" is the "1st floor" and so on.

  6. Aaa A. Aaaaaaaaaa

    Shit, I can't even count floors in English! (In the UK, they count it in one way, but they count it in a different way in the US. Which one is which!? D:)

  7. Rem Peñaverde

    wakaranai ne.
    when i was learning basic nihonggo, i couldnt understand it at first so what i would do was translate everything in eigo first then translate in nihongo. i guess its easier. But with all those different particles it can be pretty confusing at times.
    (tomodatchi ni? my friend?)

  8. konohamarutard

    thanks for the lesson takanori-senseiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    I love how You said that's right when I gave the right answer!!! 😀 You're so cute!! I want to hug you!!

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