Big Announcement!!! I’m gonna be on TV!!!

Cathy Cat Is getting a chance to be on TV! Come join us for the very first episode of Japan Railway Journal with Cathy Cat as Presenter. Watch it going LIVE on April 29th at 23:30JST here:

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Ask Japanese is interviewing Japanese and foreigners in Japan about life in Japan, dating Japanese, travel tips, tasty foods, anime, manga and more. Through our interviews, we try to bring Japanese culture to the world! (=✧ω✧=)
If you plan to travel or live in Japan, we feature many topics about life in Japan and where to travel to. We ask Japanese girls, boys and elders to give you a glimpse at what Japan is really like. Our reporter and YouTuber Cathy Cat interviews people in Japanese, English and sometimes German!

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48 Replies to “Big Announcement!!! I’m gonna be on TV!!!”

  1. ジョナサン・テイラー・ワイス

    This is great news!!!!! Can't wait to see this.
    Always watch that show and it's just got better!

  2. Gerhard Schuler

    Hallo habe die erste Sendung gerade gesehen.
    Glückwunsch. Ich habe die Moka Rail 2005 auch mal benutzt um nach Motegi an die Rennstrecke zu kommen.(leider nicht die Dampflok)
    Mit der Moka Rail dauert es ziemlich lange bis man Motegi erreicht hat. Beim zweiten Besuch der Rennstrecke habe die schnellere Möglichkeit über Utsunomiya gewählt.
    Mach weiter so 👍. Grüße aus Deutschland

  3. Life-loving Adventurer

    Fuck Tv, i watch everything on a computer, phone or tablet, so you don't have to follow a certain program. You can watch anything and whenever you want.

  4. The Shadow Man

    On a channel that works like mafia and tries to force people to pay for it even if they don’t watch it.
    Hard work and studying ? What are you on about ?
    Also TV sucks

  5. Socio Pathetic

    AWESOME FINALLY SOMETHING THATS WORTH WATCHING ON T.V. Just found your channel. Now I can wake up to a happy voice each morning!

  6. RebeccaRyan

    Cathy congratulations, nobody deserves this more. You are talented and charismatic, a fantastic person to be selected.

  7. Joshua E

    That's so awesome to hear! Congratulations! Would you mind going into depth the preparations and types of meetings you encountered to get this experience?

  8. Dalila Cortes

    Congratulations Cathy! I actually love this show so I'll be there for sure to see you present! I'll even mark this on my calendar! Good luck! 😁

  9. Arthur Pendragon

    Congratulations! Pretty sure you will rock this show!
    All my best for you and hopefully there will be many more opportunities for you like this!

    Viele Grüße aus der alten Heimat! ^^

    P. S. was that the "Bridge in the middle" from one of your older videos?

  10. Sam A

    I've actually watched that NHK show and it's pretty cool, even though it's about railways in Japan. They make it so interesting.

  11. Pablo Arias

    Hello, for your followers in Europe with the changes of hours twice a year, could you tell us, especially for those who don't know neither the hour nor the day they're living the moment in which we should watch you in live if we want. Unless we can watch the program in any moment, so put a link if you want or you're able to do it. Thank you very much and good luck. Bye.

  12. M G

    @AskJapanese, you can also get NHK World on your smartphone as well, from the NHK World app, available at the Apple App store for iPhones and on Google Play for Android smartphones. 🙂 See you soon, @CathyCat !!

  13. Juan Pablo Reyes Altamirano

    Lucky you. I watch that show all the time. You'll most likely be riding the new Alfa-x and Chuo Shinkansen when they debut.

  14. J H

    Wow, I am a huge train fan and this is an exciting discovery! I will catch you on demand and I have to check out the archives. Congrats and good luck! Looking great here, btw!

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