Osaka City Food Tour | Dotonbori Canal District |Super Street Food Japan

You’ll find in Japan that each place you visit is usually known for some specific food speciality. Osaka is no different. Where Osaka raises the bar is in Dotonbori canal district where its overall passion for food goes to another level. Allow me to introduce you to this word: Kuidaore—which literally means to bring yourself to ruin through your love of food. I know of a number of ways to ruin myself but I have to say, if I were to choose, I think Osaka has it figured out. Let’s eat.

1:42 The octopus treat
3:17 Some artistic side between the meals
4:32 Japanese pancake or pizza?
5:07 Hey, that cat looks familiar
6:24 Have you seen this man before?
7:08 Everybody loves these food
7:51 Murals
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Let’s get some Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Gyoza!

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32 Replies to “Osaka City Food Tour | Dotonbori Canal District |Super Street Food Japan”

  1. Hamlet lebron

    la verdad me encanta la cultura de ese país un saludo cordial desde República Dominicana 😍🇩🇴🙋‍♂️👍🏻

  2. Shehzad Ali

    Having played the Yakuza games where Dotenbori is paid homage to in the name of Sotenbori, it's uncanny to see just how familiar the city seems.

  3. Ben_Sends

    I’d honestly say that Osaka is probably my least favourite Japanese places. Very commercial and quite dirty in places. The food really isn’t that great in comparison to other places, very much catered to tourists and have found so much much better dishes all over Japan. There’s minuscule pieces of Octopus in Dotonbori.

  4. Ragingsilver

    I never got to see Dotenburi the last time I went Japan. I went to see the Osaka castle, I didn't realise how close Dotenbori was, if I knew I would've went and tried all the great food.

  5. René Gauthier

    In a way i dont like the fact that youtuber focus only on dotonburi when they talk about Osaka foods. But in another way, i like it, cause it avoid tourist to invade all the other spot 🤣 I avoid dotonburi just so poeple dont constantly ask me " do you speak english ".

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