Tokyo’s 3rd State of Emergency Impact | Japan Travel Update

From April 25 to May 11, 2021 for Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto and Tokyo. Prefectural governors have the power to institute changes to closures.
On Friday, April 22, Prime Minister Suga initiated a 3rd State of Emergency.
What does this all mean and how does it impact tourism in the future? What are we doing to adapt in Tokyo?
JNTO Covid Info Site:

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32 Replies to “Tokyo’s 3rd State of Emergency Impact | Japan Travel Update”

  1. Javier Solorzano

    Johnny D…….. I might never visit Japan, but as a Nihon-phile I appreciate you're reporting and updating us on the status of Japan and in this case the Chinese pandemic. I can only speak for myself that as a fan of your channel and appreciator of Japan and its culture your updating us on everything Japanese and its culture and society is of valuable interest…… Thank you.

  2. かしがみね

    Please do not enter Japan under any circumstances.

    A new virus brought in from overseas is spreading in Japan.

    Japanese people are grieving because stores and events have been shut down.

  3. alamri20

    I'm eager to go to Japan, but at the same time not with an outburst of tourists going in when restriction lifts…

  4. John Sekhar

    Oh no – I've just booked my tickets for October this year 😳 Worried that visitors coming for the Olympics are going to spoil things further! Thanks for your updates John

  5. Michel Rail

    Hello John, are you surprised with this increase of cases? I know you have respected the confinement and when you went out you wore your mask, but I have seen other YouTubers get together, no mask, going to restaurants and having discussions less than 2M away from each other. Is that a good example to give? We have had the same thing in Quebec, Canada. Within a few weeks of releasing some of the measures, the cases would start to spike. It's quite incredible the amount of time someone can stay in the denial phase of grief. It's also so incredible how much people haven't learned anything about spread prevention in over 13 months. Now, Ontario, Canada is in trouble. They are calling in the army to lock Ontario down. Why was South Korea so successful?

  6. lalilulelo

    When the pandemic began, I thought that Japan would be one of the best countries to handle it. Turns out that I was wrong.

  7. Montalbano

    That people do not quarantine makes me angry.
    As someone's who wants always to follow the rules in Japan.
    This is way beyond rude it's nearly. When you look at the strikter measurements in New Zealand you see you can contain the virus when you're able to monitor everyone who enters the country.

  8. Primevals33

    I miss Japan. I was there in 2019 just before the Olympics. I still have the Olympic T-Shirt. Probably a collectors item now…

  9. Peizxcv

    Huh!!! Never know John is half Indian; I always thought he is darker white like Italian or Greek. Hope COVID situation in Japan get better soon, never understand why Japan didn't manage it as well as China and Korea

  10. Juli Rangel

    I have to say that I’ve seen your videos suggested to me a few times but hadn’t seen any before.
    You’re very interesting, the topic very entertaining, thanks for that, and I enjoyed your sense of humour a lot 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Thanks for the content! I’ve already set my eyes on other videos I want to watch next 🙊

  11. Kate Sommerville

    Just not a good outcome, I fear for the athletes if they haven’t been vaccinated 😉 I honestly wonder why I watch the news of an evening, it just makes me glad I live where I do 🇦🇺🇦🇺 It’s hard staying positive but I do try. I know I WILL travel again.

  12. Teresa Davis

    Thank you for your updates..Its always so nice to see make us smile! 🙂 I agree..I like You Tube too 🙂 I love it! Theres so much to see ..its always new and changing.. Its just neat 🙂 Big hugs and hi fives from Florida! 🙂 <3

  13. Leomasa Walking Traveler【Japan Travel Guide】

    Exciting videos!
    I also posted a video of walking around Japan, so I got a sense of familiarity ✨
    I will come again😆

  14. Yukio Ozaki

    Same opinion on the return of mass/open Tourism. Hawaii startedd opening cautiously about 3-weeks ago, and already a flood of tourists (particularly from Mainland US) pouring in like before the Pandemic. Naturally the infection rate is surging correspondingly. They are all desparate to get away from the danger of the big cities and infection-filled States to come to Hawaii that was on their wish list always. Many California business people and well-to-do are bying uo the desirable properties here to operate business online, it is Jacking up the property parice/value far beyond the range of Local people's normal income level. Localpeople also need a place of their own so badly. Re-opening Hawaii to save the economical collaps is bringing in the next problem with it.

  15. Dustman NYC

    Thank for the update. I had to cancel my trip last year and was thinking of planning another trip this August.

  16. vonlipi

    Just looking that the numbers…Covid is not going anywhere, anytime soon… in Montreal we have an 8:00pm curfew. Folks are getting fed up and restless and we have more and more demonstrations.

  17. Joe's Guilty Guitar

    What's that gold plated youtube plaque behind you , lol I didn't even know you got one … I missed that episode .. nicely done bro 😑👍

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