Irish People Try Japanese Food

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Irish people try a selection of Japanese dishes! MERCH MADNESS:
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Japanese Food! We’ve done a few food videos here on The TRY Channel trying foods of different countries, and it’s about time we try some Japanese dishes! From sushi to ramen to katsu curries, we’re trying it all! Let’s see what our TRYers thought!

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50 Replies to “Irish People Try Japanese Food”

  1. Jessica Anderson

    I know Im a bit late to the party but you should know the ginger is meant as a palate cleanser between different types of sushi. Dont need it to add to the plate if you are serving one kind

  2. Kelly Breeyear

    Jaime could come take me out for a hot supper any night if the week!! Just not sushi' unless it's hold the raw fish everything!!

  3. Kira Bouwer

    Before I start this clip…please say Emmanuel isn't in it. I like him well enough, but he frustrates me so when it comes to food.

  4. CorruptedSiren

    I'd honestly REALLY would love to see these guys take on Korean Food especially something with gochujang in it. That'll get their spice senses tingling

  5. YsabetJustYsabet

    If you want spice on your noodles (or anything else Japanese), what you do is sprinkle on this stuff that you keep on the table called Nanami Togarashi, which is a spice mix with chilis, salt, seaweed, mandarin orange peel, ginger and all sorts of other stuff. It's meant to kick up the heat and flavor but not replace it, and you can get it at any Japanese market. Tasty stuff!

  6. Reed Cardon

    Y'all need to put down the forks and eat Japanese food with chopsticks! You're heathens, each and every one of ya for using forks to eat Japanese food! 😉

  7. Leo Dracul

    Omg, those food looks bad. They look like imitation dishes of 'Japanese food' made by an amateur chef who is either too lazy to cook or had no idea what is 'Japanese Food' in the first place. Might as well order some frozen 'Japanese food' directly from Japan and they still look and taste 100 x better than what was served in the video.

  8. Vincent Kukua

    Growing up eating home cooked Japanese food, I agree with Justine. The katsudon and ramen are definitely foundations to build upon and usually are. My family always added roasted veggies to Japanese curry especially (we'd cook big pots of it and that'd be dinner for days). There are whole cookbooks on what to add to ramen to spice it up (literally and otherwise). Love that y'all love it either way.

    I will say that, as an Asian person, I was dying watching y'all eat it with a fork. Especially the sushi! OMG LOL

  9. Bones ShrinkingCoyote


  10. Lathya

    It all looks good, but it all looks like Irish versions of Japanese food rather than something I've ever seen in Japan (save for the sushi). I was actually looking forward to the ramen at the start because I was hoping to see them try real ramen with the broth.

  11. huyen tran

    : it more like udon noodles rather than ramen noodles…regardless, slurping a nice bowl of soup and noods is a win in my book

  12. Thomas Farrell

    They're putting the pickled ginger on the sushi…. it's a palate cleanser. You eat the sushi, then you eat the pickled ginger between courses.

  13. Joey Wall

    Pickled ginger is to be eaten by itself! It is a palate cleanser to clean off your taste buds and eaten between different types of sushi LOL it is not a condiment!

  14. Be Kind

    Lovely sushi rolls in front of them … When I saw some pick-up a fork, I gasped out loud. 😯 Also, where’s the soy sauce and wasabi for dipping?

  15. Cal Guy

    Is is customary in Ireland to eat sushi with a fork? I mean, is that like, a tradition that was handed down from your ancestors?

  16. Killer GM

    oooh I've never had katsu in a curry. That sounds (as the Try channel cast would say) loovely
    That salmon ramen also sounds and looks amazing

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