Japan's Toxic Idol Industry

Japanese idols are so popular here, but not many people know the dark side.
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22 Replies to “Japan's Toxic Idol Industry”

  1. Flare Sherbet Natsu

    As an idol fan this sucks to watch, not because it's a bad vid but because I know it's all true, sadly the fact that the industry is this cruel and unfair and greedy isn't even a big secret, it's common knowledge.

  2. Pau Hub

    I hope it will be reform and the girls must be treated good and professionally not just an tools for making money and fun

  3. Saitama

    On Japan is common Suicides cases is sad not only on the idols or famous people but the student that have a loot of pressure

  4. thăng long nguyễn vũ

    The idols themselves are ok but the treatment they receive is just horrible. I still remember that one time an idol had to apologize for being physically assaulted in the elevator, even worse is that the men were speculated to have been hired by a colleague idol.

  5. king crow

    Jesus is coming the truth shall set you free, for those who doesn't know Jesus and don't walk with him you will fall into deception in this world. He is coming SOON get ready.

  6. 北島梨香

    I personally support 2D idol franchises such as LoveLive and Idolish7 much more than the 3D idols, these franchises introduced me to their seiyuus and now I enjoy animes with these seiyuus a lot more. I also watch Hololive clips and livestreams when I have free time.

  7. GastonBulbous

    This video is a total hatchet job that focuses on the small minority of negative experiences on the seedy fringes of the industry and ignores good agencies like Up Front that give girls solid training and pay and professional performing experiences.

  8. Regency Woman

    It would be interesting to see how the male idols are treated as well. Being female, I have a few male idols that I'm fond of, but I've always wondered and been slightly concerned about their treatment and how much their lives are being controlled. It doesn't seem natural that both of these guys are in their 30s and have no girlfriends or wives.

  9. Emily Case

    Hello! Project is known as a great idol agency. They really care about their idols and wellbeing. They recently announced they were taking legal actions against fake comments on the girls blogs. They get well prepared lessions in singing and dancing and the girls are actually happy to be there. They also make good money to support them after they leave. They let the girls sit out if they get hurt. groups to check out from them are, BEYOOOOONDS, Juice=Juice, Angerme, Tsbaki Factory. They also love international fans and many of the MV have english subs.

  10. Guided Meditation

    Welcome to SHOWBIZ. Welcome to Hollywood. Welcome to Broadway. Welcome to Celebrity. Perhaps the fact that the Idol industry uses underage girls? If they are? Might be the real problem but living in the limelight and working long hours on the road and conforming to your image has always been part of the business. I am no fan of Unions in most cases but perhaps this is one case where there should be one.

  11. Eigelgregoss Weisse

    It's not as bad as Korea's kpop industry. Borderline prostitution, modeling. Actually, kinda innovative, but what did Apple do anyways with that. Tik tok? Instagram? Uh…. i do not need alcohol to lose brain cells over this…

  12. Ark01 Lewd

    one of many reasons, why I want to be friends with the Japanese.
    I want to help them get through all of this, I want to help them all.

  13. MeowMeow202

    It is a patriarchal society. It seems like old farts/perverts “manage” these young girls by imposing ridiculous standards of beauty which is almost goddess level – unattainable woman but available to every creepy man for the right price. The whole society is sexist.

    Idol girls are not respected enough or treated well enough as human beings, like the girls are just objects. It is kinda creepy seeing old men obsessed with girls young enough to be their daughters/granddaughters. For change to happen, the whole community needs to be involved to change the toxic culture.

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