Robot Hotel In Japan (Japan Travel Vlog)

Robot Hotel in Laguna Ten Bosch (Gamagori)

The Laguna Ten Bosch hotel in Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori of Aichi prefecture is the third Henn na Hotel locations. Here you can enjoy a space of fantasy where the past and the future come together-the robots are actually prehistoric creatures! Like the other hotels, the lobby is themed. The front desk is dinosaur themed and the dinosaurs assist you during check in/out.

It is also the World’s First Hotel Run by Robots, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records, opened its accommodations at Laguna Ten Bosch on August 1st of 2017. The Dinosaur Robot Reception Clerk, or the Communication Pet Robot equipping each room, or even the Robotic Luggage Keeper, this futuristic hotel has countless robots that will work hard and without rest to make your stay an unforgettable technological experience. Try it for an exciting and rather comfortable novel experience!

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    How fun! What did you like most about your trip to the robot hotel in Japan? We enjoy travel too and invite you to join our journey!

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    Nice hotel. Awesome channel and video 🥰🥰. I'm your friend here. Keep it up! 😄😄👍🏻👍🏻

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