Street Fighter 6 hints via new time travel story? Japan's V-Shift usage in the CPTO, Rose reactions

Capcom seems to be making massive changes to their Street Fighter storytelling and potentially setting big things up for Street Fighter 6, Japan didn’t use a ton of V-Shift during the CPT but we definitely saw a new pace of play, and the biggest Rose fan in the world talks about Rose.

03:45 – SF6 may have been teased in Rose’s Story Mode
21:14 – V-Shift usage and notable meta changes at CPT Japan 1
37:07 – Cammy too easy to win with?
43:30 – Jon’s (and John’s) early reactions to Rose

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31 Replies to “Street Fighter 6 hints via new time travel story? Japan's V-Shift usage in the CPTO, Rose reactions”

  1. Commander Beet

    The fighting game department may not be the best writers, but other Capcom stories aren't bad. Some of their stuff from the 90s is especially outdated, but video games weren't too worried about their stories at the time either.
    Plus i'm not gonna pretend like NRS's stories are well written. Their presentation is top-notch and a lot of fun to watch, but the actual writing/story is okay.

  2. bruhimskill

    please keep doing the video podcasts! love seeing faces and expressions to these topics rather than just a voice

  3. Frank

    Love the podcast been a listener since day one! Congrats on the move to simulcast both video and audio to use both V-Triggers! Keep up the great work, you guys are definitely becoming pillars of the FGC!

  4. ikaruga24

    It could hint at the next installment but at the same time i believe that it's just a reference to her person in the Alpha series that Rose in that game is actually Rose from the 5 timeline.

  5. Jupiter Apollo

    Finally one of the only podcasts I listen to weekly has finally come to video format. Looking forward to more guys 👍

  6. Conrado Javier

    If we get Time Travel, I wanna 2 Versions of the same character team up of have a Rivalry with themselves.

  7. Sean Cargal

    I've listened to every episode and happy to see the person behind the voice. Fantastic podcast. It's a can't miss for me.

  8. Tegan Combatti

    Street Fighter V is the best it's ever been, and I am having the most fun with it now. Also, you guys are Blowing my mind with all this Street Fighter story stuff…Time Travel in Street Fighter, holy crap?!?! …Im down, so let's get weird. I was already looking forward to SF6, but now Im really pumped and curious for where the story will go.

  9. Curtis Caven

    Discovered the podcast a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it. Wish I’d discovered it way earlier. You’re doing a great job guys. At this late stage, I feel like I’m following the life of the game far more closely than I’ve ever done. Glad to see the move to YouTube. My only gripe, is that as a Cammy player from day one, I wince every time her name comes up. Rare it is indeed, for the killer bee to be mentioned in a positive light 😅

  10. Arthur Santana

    Nice to have faces to the voices. Now please one of you change your first name, it's so confusing haha

  11. EventHubs

    This is it everyone! We've finally made the jump to video and will be posting both full episodes and clips here on YouTube. PLEASE help us jump start this journey so we can do even more by liking and subscribing!

  12. H N

    Awesome, YouTube I prefer listening even if there’s no video. Appreciate the upload!

    Edit: yea my feelings for shift is similar to John. I’m hoping it will be more powerful as new tech gets learned. I do find catalyst turn order for for using VT and shift. Waiting for your opponent to use VT first so you can shift the VT attacks or vice versa, is really interesting

    The only biggest universal change left in SFV if I could make is making VTA OB negative or 0 at least

  13. suleyman Karaca

    This is the best podcast you have down to date. For me, it gets a little boring sometimes, but today I watched the whole thing. It really is great to see footage in the background while you talk about the topics. BTW, Cammy is one of my mains in SFV, so Cammy for LIFE 🙂

  14. Trent

    Well done lads. Been listening to this for from the start on my way to work but it’s good to have video version if you start breaking down particular footage 👍🏽

  15. GMDKeepnclassy

    My podcast usual process:

    Always agree with John and completely understand his perspective…

    Catalyst im always completely disagreeing with and ignoring because hes a SF5 fanboy and thinks its a "good game" while no one else in the community even thinks that who plays sf5.

  16. supahgood1

    Cool layout guys.

    Never saw either of you prior to this so naturally i created looks for you in my head just based on your voices.

    Lets just say, i was off. Lol

  17. appo

    i think you dont even deserve the name eventhubs anymore.

    you barely post about actuall events which are going on while sticking your nose into street fighter like a horny dog. even on your podcast, the majority of the time its just about sf and sometimes you scratch on the surface of other games without any kind of actuall knowledge about em. on the website itself…posting underdawgs videos with a description of what happens there doesnt count as journalism.

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