Farting is a Job in Japan |Funny Japan Trivia

Funny Japan trivia for you: Announcing one’s farts was a highly skilled job for ladies in the Edo period of Japan. Find out more about the most hilarious Japan trivia in this video.

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50 Replies to “Farting is a Job in Japan |Funny Japan Trivia”

  1. dogchaser520

    Amazed when I heard your first language is German. Though I'm sure people say that all the time. Polyglots are savin' the world my sister

  2. Randall

    Not a big deal, but it's priestess, and mistress. You were saying "priestress" and at first I could not figure out which you meant.

  3. Michael Kurtz

    Even Victorians had the vapors. Physically has to happen in the rest of the world. No soy allergies in Japan.

  4. Tiger Guitar

    What the ultimate fuck? One of the most common nature thing became proffession,just to hide the bad moment? Japanese People what are you thinking?

  5. Happyツ

    Damn she just fart and she suicide??? Im a professional farter… I can choice any sounds for it… I usually used the silent one 😁

  6. Alexis Rodriguez

    i swear everytime i see askjapanese videos i want too exit out but the way how japn streets are so peaceful and the way she informing us about japan its just outstanding that i dont want skip any askjapanese videos


    Dude I think it’s genuinely hilarious how there’s a specific role in taking the blame of someone else ripping ass ☠️ they need to chill a lil bit on the fart shame though on a serious note, those girls don’t need to bear shame on something natural like passing gas

  8. Delta Music

    it's good to know that even back then there were servants who would do their fart to make society a better place

  9. HTMangaka

    Me logging into youtube: Alright, I'm tired. I bet things can only get better from here.

    Sees the title of this video

    Me: ….so….It's come to this, eh?

  10. dunhill1

    I could easily create and be the professor of a Farting Master Class. We'd have a rip roarin' time in my class. If I had a quarter for each ripper I've released, I'd be a millionaire by now. I do consider myself a Master Farter based on feedback from my wife. The secret is Mexican food and extra refried beans! Where do I apply?

  11. sun min lee

    [ 방사능 오염수 무단 방류국가 일본 ] 방사능 오염수를 태평양에 버리는 일본은 대한민국의 적국이다. 전세계의 적국이다. 스가를 비롯한 일본정부는 방사능 오염수로 포카리스웨트를 만들어 마셔야한다

  12. José Romero

    There was something like that in colonial Venezuelan society. The mantuanas would have a slave around with them would would take the blame for the gas pags. They were called the "paga peos".

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  14. Anime Starlord

    After eating my sardines with garlic for breakfast I get really gassy for a while. Those farts may not fly so well in Japan I guess.

  15. Phil Brown

    My wife, who’s Nihonjin, told me “fart” was ONARA. I remembered the word by thinking…on not again OR onara again.

  16. Jeffrey Galeski

    I dare you to watch "cute asian girls fart" Asian girls can shred their panties along with the best of them, funny!

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