4 Minute Tips How to Choose a Good Onsen Ryokan Hot spring Hotel Japan.

There are about 40,000 hot spring hotels in Japan.
However, there are only a few hot spring hotels that offer good quality hot springs and good japanese food.Many foreign tourists go to Hakone Onsen, but serious Japanese onsen lovers do not go to Hakone.Here is a simple explanation of how to choose an Onsen ryoka(hot spring Hotel)

This Hotel especially recommended for budget travelers.


Japanese writer introduces Japanese Food and Restaurants
About Foodies Journey In Tokyo
A Japanese local writer introduces a delicious gourmet restaurant in Tokyo Japan.
I will also introduce some amazing places in Japan.

I am Japanese. and I used to be a writer, but now I generally take it easy.
I am sometimes a guide on private food tours for foreigners.

I love traditional Japanese culture and food, so I have lived in the Kagurazaka(A town of foodies.
There are nine Michelin restaurants in Kaguarazaka) neighborhood for over 10 years.
I have traveled all over the world and eaten all sorts of delicious local foods, and I love to interact with people from various countries.

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