Street food and gachapon!

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30 Replies to “Street Food Japan-AKIHABARA TOKYO”

  1. Namida Greece

    I hadnt seen this video before l went to Japan, but l am glad l had my first takoyaki from the right place. The matcha ice cream store though on the corner, is expensive and not that good

  2. Mark Morgan

    You had your hands full Shinichi in this video. Wow Lawrence isnt he alot of fun noticed he just gobble up the donut gave it the 👍up for us he's so entertaining. Poor Vinn couldn't get a word in , but that's what makes for a great video. Takoyaki and tongue yummy favourite. I wish Satoshi was their with you guys next time ah .

  3. xJessiiVeeFanx Maddy

    oh my goodness, vinn is from Australia??! whattt im from Australia as well. and im very sorry if i spelt your name wrong vinn 😔

  4. WildBill 1989

    Lawrence is my guy he is from HK, and next to Tokyo I love HK. Also Lawrence your energy is AMAZING love this video.

  5. West_Nebraska_Dude

    Very fun adventure … you guys always seem to have such a good time! When I was young, my best friend's Mom (who was from Tokyo) served tongue but didn't tell me what it was until we were done eating. It really was delicious, but I could never make it myself because it freaks me out to see the whole tongue lying in the meat case 🤣😛🤐

  6. Muriel P

    This is my first video ever watching about Tokyo food. I'm going to Tokyo soon and can't wait for it! Akihabara is my favourite spot so far and I just. can't. wait. anymore. We will try the Kobe beef that you showed in the first shot (I already heart of this one before). And I will watch your other videos because you are just so sweet guys!

  7. Debra Harrison

    Laaaaaaaaawrence & Viiiiiiiiiiiinn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I want Lawrence’s shades BADLY!!!!!

  8. Xai Hang

    Awesome vid! I wish you would list the location/stall information on the details. Regardless, love all your videos

  9. potoker

    As a southern American, I want that fried chicken. Also I've never had takoyaki and I've heard its amazing along with onomonoyaki (sp?). I hope I can go to japan one day to try it out. Also I've heard from my Asian friends that Korea makes the best fried chicken…

  10. Lizette Crosby

    I just love all four of u. If I visit Japan I must make it a point to meet u all. Each one of u are so awesome, warm hearted, funny, sweet and charming and I love how close u all are and how u share everything.

  11. Acorn Electron

    I must apologise in advance because I’m not keen on Laurence. It’s his superficial exuberance and slight insincerity because of the price tag fascination that rubs me the wrong way. I have similar ‘friends’ but I always wonder, ‘are they really my friend?’.
    Edited to say apologies again as I know it wouldn’t be acceptable to speak my mind in Japan.

  12. Plum

    Loved this! ^^ More videos with Lawrence and Vin please!! Really enjoying the energy and friendships! <3 <3 <3

  13. Tomsawyer

    Tacoyaki looks really good to me but I'm not into octopus. Do they ever do variations like chicken or pork ?

  14. Aнтония Стойнова

    A kilo of raw tongue is about 4-5 dollars in my country, so 900 yen is a bit too much.

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