Silvervale takes a Trip around Japan w/ Robcdee | Part 2

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Streamed on: April 22, 2021
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0:00 – Opening

14 Replies to “Silvervale takes a Trip around Japan w/ Robcdee | Part 2”

  1. bruce wayne

    this is off topic of japan but i also like the hairbo gummies and i like fortune cookies and kinder's products oh yeah and i had a few chinese funnel cakes from walmart believe it or not that were really good

  2. bruce wayne

    When Robcdee and Silver were looking at the Japanese snacks and candies that got me thinking about my favorite Japanese snacks and candies my favorites are the Hi-Chews the Pocky the hello panda biscuits and mochi which believe it or not i found at an american store called target one time oh yeah i also found mochi at an american clothing store called hot topic and i like those japanese drinks with the marble in the glass bottle and if i remember correctly this snack is japanese aswell it a mushroom shaped biscuit with chocolate as the mushroom tip and their are strawberry ones also

  3. jimhsan1

    If you could visit here, an hour south-east of Chicago, there's 3 clothes optional campgrounds with 5 to 10 miles of sandy paths that feel so good barefoot. You can BE LIKE A LAWYER AND FILE YOUR BRIEFS, shower and swim and sun!!

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