A week of meals🌸 | Japanese

After being a fake sushi chef, my muscles were twitching Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

Hello everyone!! It’s Imamu, Thank you so much for watching and leaving a sweet comment always (*’▽’*) I’m so glad that I could see that〜⭐︎

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45 Replies to “A week of meals🌸 | Japanese”

  1. Marie Ehlers

    I always preferred rice over bread every time but my mom loved rice too so it worked out perfectly 😂😂🤗

  2. Mireille Tessier

    Just wanted to say that i tried bonito flakes today for the first time, in fried rice ! I was so curious to know how what it tasted like because you use it so much and now I understand why you like it so much ! ❤️❤️

  3. Harshitha A Kumar

    Hi, I play you videos in the background as it helps me study. I love the sound of your cooking. Also I take small breaks in between to see what you're making but usually that distracts me 😂. But I love your videos. Thank you for making them!

  4. Martina Ngui

    Your family is so blessed. You are awesome. Gave me motivation to do better🙏❤️😍. Love all your videos! Much love 💕

  5. Harper rachel lim

    Everyday I squeezed my head so hard to look for a lunch idea for my kids to bring to school. Now, I'd found your channel, it's really saved up my time. Thank you.

  6. Kitty Whit

    Life has been tricky and tiring for me recently and this channel always helps me feel happy and energized. Thank you for sharing your world with us. <3

  7. Fadilla Putri

    I'm impressed how you use chopsticks for almost everything, from eating to stir-fry. It makes me feel motivated to level up my chopsticks skill 😆

  8. 緑夏

    Please can anyone answer my question, the miso paste I buy from the store always smells like alcohol even after putting it in hot water, is it supposed to smell like that? The instant miso soup package doesn’t smell like alcohol and it tastes very good, but whenever I try to make miso soup using the paste it always smells weird. The brand I use is Hikari organic miso, I’ve tried both white and red miso and they all smell like alcohol!

  9. Haikyuu Simp

    Damn the may you cook makes me hungry 😔 I love how you cook too!! Must be DELICIOUS 🤤💖💖
    (..also Toruu Oikawa's fav. food is 🥛🍞!)

  10. Caton Emily Deuso

    i always find your content so calming and relaxing to watch. i really need to try making some of these sometime!

  11. Turkey Stank

    Hi I've never had quail eggs before, do they taste similar to chicken eggs or are they different? I'm always looking forward to try new meals! :))

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