F1 2020 – Japan Track Guide + Hotlap

Here is my Japan Track Guide for F1 2020 🔰 The Suzuka Circuit is a real rollercoaster in a Formula 1 car and I hope these tips prove useful to you.

If they do, give the video a 👍🏻 and let me know how you get on in your next race 🙂

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Turn 1
00:58 – Turn 2
01:17 – Turn 3
01:28 – Turn 4
01:54 – Turn 5
02:04 – Turn 6
02:14 – Turn 7
02:34 – Turn 8
02:54 – Turn 9
03:20 – Turn 10
03:30 – Turn 11
04:04 – Turn 12
04:14 – Turn 13
04:48 – Turn 14
05:21 – Turn 15
05:31 – Turn 16
06:24 – Turn 17
06:34 – Turn 18
06:47 – Hotlap

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10 Replies to “F1 2020 – Japan Track Guide + Hotlap”

  1. JoeMamma0000

    I needed this guide a few months ago when I spent weeks trying to get quick on this track! That first sector is so tough to get right, in fact Suzuka has many tricky corners but it's so satisfying when you nail it. Great video as always PJ, keep it up

  2. Stuart

    The weekend has begun PJ 👍🏻. As always a blinding video. You’ve made me realise you don’t just point out where I’m going wrong you also confirm when I’m getting it right 👍🏻

  3. Matt Whelan

    I've found that in heavy rain, taking the hairpin at turn 11 really wide and not cutting across for the apex at all can give you better traction out of the corner and gain you almost 2 seconds compared to going for the dry line, it's probably an odd quirk of the game but it always works for me in qualifying

  4. Dan Mufc1999

    Hey Pj another excellent guide mate i have this upcoming in my season in tsrl tier 6 towards end of the game before 2021 comes out so will take these tips on board when we go there just finding the right setup thats tricky when your still a beginner like me

  5. bundesautobahn7

    I'm currently practicing Suzuka in time trial to not just get down to the 1:27 record of Vettel, but also for skill. And it's a great choice of circuit for that because of the high speed corners, tricky S sections, and both a hairpin and a tricky chicane. Suzuka is a very complete circuit. For me, the toughest corners are currently turn 9 (aka Degner 2) and the hairpin, with Degner 2 being the trickiest of them both.

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