Monster Hunter Rise – All Character Voice Types (MonHun Language + Japanese & English versions)

Monster Hunter Rise has a TON of options when creating your avatar, so let’s see how each of the 20 voice types sound like in different languages.

I’m quite inexperienced with Content Creation (much less the Monster Hunter series) so if you found this video useful or want to provide feedback, please like, comment, share & subscribe.

Other than that, Happy Hunting! • ω •

00:00 – Type 1
01:48 – Type 2
03:34 – Type 3
05:15 – Type 4
06:54 – Type 5
08:40 – Type 6
10:32 – Type 7
12:12 – Type 8
13:53 – Type 9
15:44 – Type 10
17:26 – Type 11
18:59 – Type 12
20:37 – Type 13
22:11 – Type 14
23:49 – Type 15
25:29 – Type 16
27:28 – Type 17
29:13 – Type 18
30:54 – Type 19
32:35 – Type 20

30 Replies to “Monster Hunter Rise – All Character Voice Types (MonHun Language + Japanese & English versions)”

  1. WildRift cheese

    What is the Voice number of the Girl in the Hammer Trailer?!!!!.. Pls tell me.. Pls!!!!.. I want that in english


    thank you!! needed to make sure the english/mohun voices didn't sound terrible for the one I picked. 🙂

  3. Banqu

    I’ve been playing with Type 7 in Japanese this whole time. The English one is horrible and that’s probably what most people who are playing with me hear. Damn.

  4. Cigar

    Damn I use voice 14 in Japanese but the English one sounds kinda lame. My character sounds lame to English users…

  5. Team Sirius

    …Is that Romi Park for MH/JP Voice 3?
    Either way, funnily enough I think it works for my Hunter (of which I chose Voice 3 and wanted to make them seem androgynous) even though I made my choice based on the English voices.

  6. Nepgear

    Kinda heart broken we cant change these at any time cause i didn't look up who voice acted what when i made my character and i find out 17 and 18 have some of my favorite english voice actors xd (still fine with my current one she voiced a few people i know) ((im voice 14 btw))

  7. Jake Morris

    English voices are so cringe in this game, damn. Type 6 in Japanese sounds cool, and then in English it's a dude with a weird fake British accent.

  8. dd nava

    Tysm!! I'm playing this game in Japanese but all my friends have the autio in English, so I wanted to make sure I choose a voice I like in both languages

  9. Pride Bradley

    My preference is nominated to 2, 4, 6 and 8. IK 4 is Phillip Reich, but what are 2, 6 and 8's voice actors? 😮

    Edit: I'm probably gonna go with 4 on this one, cause his voice actor is Ace Cadet's in World :D. But I still love to know the exact voice actors for each of the voice types. 🙂

  10. ensanesane

    14 english sounds just like the handler to me. Also I'm pretty sure Cristina Vee said she did english voice 17

  11. Ausar0

    Thank you so much for this. I'm trying to create the most ridiculous character possible, and I'm trying to figure out which voice would be best regardless of which language setting you're on.

    I think I'm REALLY liking type 4

  12. The Shadow Master

    Is there a way to change my characters voice because I accidentally gave it the wrong one and I want to change it but when I got to the appearance settings it only shows the voice I have currently. Is there a way to change it at all? I can’t find anything about this.

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