Epic Tokyo DISNEY SEA Food Tour

Tokyo Disney Sea is the best theme park in Japan. They also have lots of great food on offer.

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32 Replies to “Epic Tokyo DISNEY SEA Food Tour”

  1. lain iwakura

    It's amazing how even though Japan was in a state of emergency when you went to the park, the park was still able to be open. I'm in California in the US and it's several months later and Disneyland is barely allowed to be open at a low capacity.

  2. Sanjana Girish

    this feels like I'm watching the movie Inside Out because of the little texts like we can hear your thoughts.

  3. Ditka Of Cranes

    Loved your video but you need to do another one. There’s so many more great restaurants and snack places there!

  4. Barbara King

    Just discovered you food videos. I really like them, you explain what you are eating and how it tastes. Thank you.

  5. Vedpaulgulu Gulu

    Why do u both share ur food not hygenic even if ur married anyway u seem to eat most of the stuff ur wife hardely seem s to get any .who babysits the puppy .puppy must be lonely home alone 😔🙂

  6. Icy Waterfall

    This is my second time watching this video. I love the way you and Satoshi spent the entire day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with other stops along the way. Totally taking in the entire experience at your leisure. I guess that is how life should be lived. I was thinking that living in a busy city we are always in such a hurry to get where we are going, experience and leave. Thank you for reminding me to slowdown and savor the moments Shinichi

  7. BonbonsAndBooks ❤︎

    I’d love to go here 💗✨I love DJ Squads music to! No I’ve never had fish stock here. Or soft shell crab. I’ve only been to Disney in FL I’d love to go here!

  8. TheAmazingfulOne

    Would people be offended if you ate with your fingers? I would 100% want to eat the snacks tray and the tempura with my fingers.

  9. Terminator 12

    great vid, but i'm curious to how you know there "use" to be shelves full of bread when you said you had never been there before.. hmm

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