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37 Replies to “7 DAYS UNTIL JAPAN TRIP [Season1 Episode5] WHAT I GOT FOR SOUVENIRS”

  1. Angela Gaming

    So many sweets 😋
    I should've watched earlier today so I could've bought a chocolate or snacks because now imma crave it all night 😂💖💖💖

  2. ظاهر حکیمی

    Hello Azosa. I am Mehrnia and I am Iranian. I wish to live like you. I wish you happiness.😍😘🤩🤗💜🧡💛❤💚💙💝💗💞💟

  3. Di's Hobbies

    I hope you are taking the chocolate as carry-on on your flight because all the luggage is stored in the bottom of the plane and if it's hot it will melt the chocolate. I would call the Airline Company and ask about the best way to bring the chocolate with you on the plane. Airlines are very picky about what you can bring on the plane or pack in luggage. I hope you have a wonderful time. Take care.

  4. Barbie Matter

    Already 7 days? Time is flying 😮 anyway everything seems yummie, it would be interesting a video in which you taste some japanese and american snacks 🙂

  5. Laurie Sisco

    Have a safe and fun trip to Japan. I love watching your videos and appreciate you sharing them with us. I especially liked seeing your Barbie collection in background. You have some great dolls.

  6. Swanofdreamers

    You are bringing great souvenirs. When you pulled out the Kit Kat, I was like yes! I love kit kats.😍

  7. Dey Chyne

    Hi beautiful Azusa.Very cute outfit.You're so kind and calm you bought Beautiful gifts for your friends and family. Can't wait for your trip to Japan. I'm so excited

  8. Amada Be happy

    Yummy 😋 love bringing sweets too too my family in New York when I go see them 💓😋 hi 👋🏻 from Miami love your Instagram am @raggydollie

  9. tommy lee

    You got Reese's.. I always was asking for those but now my little one has peanut allergy so I can't have. I miss them

  10. All Things Frugal And Fabulous

    I love how all the souvenirs are consumables! All super lovely everyone will love everything 💕❤️ such a beautiful person you are! Xo

  11. Mary Lawson

    how long people need to show some respect to her I don't know why they only gave her 22 likes but y'all need to give her more than that oh I know why because people haven't seen that she post a new video just yet

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